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Updated: 1 hour 53 min ago

Watch Starbucks customer takes on armed robber

2 hours 10 min ago
A Starbucks customer in California tried to stop an armed robbery with a metal chair. The suspect was found bleeding nearby and was arrested.
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Linkin Park cancels tour after singer's death

4 hours 42 min ago
Linkin Park has canceled its upcoming tour just days after the death of the band's frontman, Chester Bennington.
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Spicer on SNL: A lot of it was over the line

5 hours 55 sec ago
Former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer discusses Melissa McCarthy's imitation of him on "Saturday Night Live."
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Who is Anthony Scaramucci?

5 hours 53 min ago
Anthony Scaramucci accepted President Trump's offer to be the new White House communications director. The position is a first for Scaramucci, who has never held a formal political communications role. CNN's Tom Foreman reports.
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Hawaii to test nuclear warning system amid North Korea's threats

7 hours 9 min ago
Hawaii is set to become the first state in the US to test an "attack- warning" system in the event of a North Korean nuclear missile strike.
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Man plays guitar through brain surgery

7 hours 46 min ago
A musician played the guitar while undergoing brain surgery to fix cramping in his fingers, according to the surgeon who conducted the operation in India.
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NBA star gets supermax contract

9 hours 53 min ago
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US to Iran: Release American prisoners or face 'serious consequences'

12 hours 43 min ago
The White House is demanding the release of all Americans currently being held in Iran and says President Donald Trump is "prepared to impose new and serious" consequences on the country if they are not released and returned.
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2 Baltimore cops plead guilty to racketeering, admit armed robberies

13 hours 9 min ago
Two former Baltimore police officers pleaded guilty Friday to federal racketeering charges, admitting that they committed armed robberies, made fraudulent overtime claims and filed false affidavits.
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Washington Post: Intercepts show Sessions met with Russian ambassador while advising 2016 campaign

13 hours 29 min ago
Attorney General Jeff Sessions met with the Russian Ambassador to the US Sergey Kislyak to discuss Trump campaign matters during the 2016 presidential election, according to US intelligence intercepts, The Washington Post reports.
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Spicer: Trump did not want me to go

13 hours 42 min ago
Sean Spicer said Friday night that President Donald Trump did not want him to resign as White House press secretary but "understood" that it was in the best interest of the administration.
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Protesters chant 'Bye bye Betsy'

14 hours 50 min ago
Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges was holding a press conference on when protesters interrupted and called for her resignation.
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Former CIA director: Officials should refuse to fire Mueller if ordered

15 hours 1 min ago
Former CIA Director John Brennan says government officials should refuse orders to fire special counsel Robert Mueller if they are told to by the White House.
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US stops arming anti-Assad rebels in Syria

15 hours 39 min ago
A senior US general has confirmed that the US has ended a classified CIA program to arm anti-Assad rebels in Syria.
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Spicer's exit will not lift White House siege as walls close in

16 hours 6 min ago
In a White House under siege, something had to change.
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Bannon vs. Clinton: how two buzzy books stack up

16 hours 7 min ago
"Devil's Bargain" -- Bloomberg Businessweek reporter Joshua Green's in-depth exploration of the mind and machinations of former Breitbart News boss and Trump chief strategist Steve Bannon -- and "Shattered" -- a painstaking account of Hillary Clinton's unsuccessful campaign by Jonathan Allen, also of Bloomberg, and Amie Parnes of The Hill -- have both climbed the bestseller lists and monopolized the attention of the chattering classes since their releases. ("Shattered" was published in April; "Devil's Bargain" hit shelves this past week.)
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April Ryan: Very bad situation for Sessions

16 hours 59 min ago
CNN's April Ryan says that if The Washington Post's report, citing current and former US officials, saying that Attorney General Jeff Sessions discussed Trump campaign-related matters with Russia's ambassador is true, it is a "very bad situation for Jeff Sessions" and his relationship with President Trump.
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