At Night, This Bus Doubles As a Homeless Shelter | Short Film Showcase


November 15, 2017

Homeless people in Silicon Valley, US, use a 24 hour bus as a shelter to avoid sleeping on the streets

The Police vs Grime Music - A Noisey Film

London's grime music scene and its relationship with the police

Performers of grime music in London examine the role of the police and the law in prohibiting their events at venues across the capital.
McCruelty. I'm hatin' it.

PETA exposes the cruel slaughter of chickens for fast food chain McDonalds

PETA, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals are campaigning to end the "cruel" methods used to slaughter chickens supplied to the fast food chain McDonalds. PETA states: "Chickens killed for McDonald's are slaughtered using an ...
One Word: Police

Fifty Black males say what "police" means to them

US-based website  asked 50 males aged 5 to 50 to respond to the word "police". This video shares their candid replies.
What It’s Like To Get Kicked Out Of Your Neighborhood

A young Black American loses his home to gentrification

Colin & Paul Homeless In Bournemouth, England

Two men tell their story of rough sleeping in the UK

Tags: HomelessnessRough sleepingPoverty
Police Filmed Undercover (Social Experiment)

Young Black men speak out about police harassment in the Netherlands

Using hidden cameras in sunglasses, a group of young men, three Black and three white, head out onto the streets in the Netherlands to secretly film the police.They wanted to see which group would be stopped and harassed by the police.The video was produce ...
Hoodies On The Street Corner | MYM

Can you guess what they're talking about?

This is episode four of The Stereotype Season on Million Youth Media (MYM) where they raise questions about societal issues like drug dealing, riots, Stop and Search, deaths in police custody, prisons, and snatching laptops on trains.
Young migrants risk lives to cross US border

Young migrants risk lives to cross US border

More than 50,000 children and teenagers from Central American countries have arrived in the US in recent months.The influx of young migrants, many of whom risk their lives in the process, has put immense pressure on the immigration system and caused a ...
'White means pure' singer Dencia defends Whitenicious

African singer defends promotion of skin whitening cream

Cameroonian pop singer Dencia has defended her promotion of a skin whitening cream called Whitenicious, which critics have branded an ''abomination'' and ''irresponsible''.Speaking on Channel 4 News last week, she insisted t ...