At Night, This Bus Doubles As a Homeless Shelter | Short Film Showcase


November 15, 2017

Homeless people in Silicon Valley, US, use a 24 hour bus as a shelter to avoid sleeping on the streets

Hansen Unplugged: Celebrating our differences (Dale Hansen - WFAA)

Popular US sports presenter attacks homophobia in the NFL

Dale Hansen, an American TV sports broadcaster on ABC’s Dallas affiliate station WFAA, delivered a scathing commentary about homophobia in the National Football League (NFL), while giving support to its black, draft candidate Michael Sam who recently ...
Family reaction to Mark Duggan inquest verdict 08Jan14

What they said about inquest ruling

Lily Allen - Hard Out Here (Official Video)

Desperate Allen: Singer 'exploiting Black women' in comeback video

British pop singer, Lily Allen, is back and causing controversy in the process.  It’s been four years since Allen has released any music, but her new single, Hard Out Here, pokes fun at the recent misogyny in pop culture, by parodying the l ...
The Strange Death of Harry Stanley - Award Winning Short Film

No justice after police killing of Harry Stanley

A British police apology and thousands of pounds in compensation this week to the family of Ian Tomlinson three years after an officer unlawfully killed him with a baton brought back memories of another man's death in similar circumstances. Harry Stanl ...
Woolwich Attack Response - Nabil Goes In

Stop the hating of Muslims plea after Woolwich slaying

A young Black British Muslim has fired a broadside online against the far right English Defence League (EDL) and news media whom he claims have used the murder of a British soldier at Woolwich, south east London, in the UK to attack his religion. YouTube p ...

Deprived of opportunity: an angry young man speaks out

In the midst of the recession in the UK, and supposed economic recovery, some are affected more than others. This short monologue titled 2008 was directed by Alfred K Mante of Narrow Path Films. It voices the frustration of a generation, trying to make goo ...
Margaret Thatcher: Blue Peter interview on Kampuchea

Margaret Thatcher: the woman who 'wrecked Great Britain'

Aging punk rockers, trade-unionists and decent people around the world greeted the news of the passing of Margaret Thatcher, Baroness Thatcher, with something less than respectful restraint, writes US journalist Alex Pareene.Despite their quaint maintenanc ...

Young people weigh up whether it's worth voting

British parliamentarians have been challenged by young people to say why it is worth supporting them at the polls.Bite the Ballot campaigners organised a House of Commons event on the issue this week as part of a media debate taking place in the ...

Fat cat Barclays bank must stop betting on hunger

Multinational Barclays bank has been told by campaigners to end its gambling for huge profits in the world commodities market. The World Development Movement has made a special film to highlight the way in which the finance house cashes-in on rising p ...

Beauty in the media and the issues behind photo retouching

A look at the way in which notions about beauty are represented in the media, and the issues behind photographic manipulation of images taken of celebrities and models and how they are promoted to the public.