At Night, This Bus Doubles As a Homeless Shelter | Short Film Showcase


November 15, 2017

Homeless people in Silicon Valley, US, use a 24 hour bus as a shelter to avoid sleeping on the streets


Zimbabwe rivals in clash over cash from IMF

The two main factions in Zimbabwe's unity government are in dispute over how to spend half a billion dollars from the International Monetary Fund, in a row that could create further tensions in the already shaky coalition.The country's finance minister, Te ...

Rough sleepers find shelter and good cheer at Christmas time

Two thousand homeless people were given accommodation, food, companionship and vital services in nine centres across London and one in Newcastle by Crisis Christmas over the festive period. It was the UK's biggest volunteer-led event and Grace Boateng  ...

Snowstorms cause misery for travellers in Europe and America

Heavy snowfalls and blizzards have disrupted transport networks in Europe and the USA leaving thousands of passengers stranded.

Police abusing stop and search powers says top Scotland Yard officer

Watch this footage taken by Guardian journalist Paul Lewis during his standoff with City of London police outside a famous London landmark. Assistant Commissioner John Yates, the senior Metropolitan police officer leading Britain's fight against terro ...

Homeless face a grim time during festive season

Most Britons would love snow to fall for a magical white Christmas. But that is not the case for the 4,000 homeless rough sleepers on the streets of London, reports Morade Azzouz.

...And then there was Lupus


This is the charity film banned by the BBC

British broadcasters the BBC and Sky News have hidden behind the coward's blanket of excuse and cited the protection of their 'impartiality' as the reason for their refusal to air the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) aid appeal on behalf of the stric ...

Dramatic video of anti-BNP demo outside BBC HQ

Intrepid broadcast students braved clashes between protestors and the police to get dramatic footage for The-Latest of the anti-BNP demonstration outside the BBC's UK Television Centre. The three-minute video package made by Flora Desponts, Dominic ...

The Killers 'Live From Royal Albert Hall'