5 late night flicks to "die" for, this summer...

Awrite...so it's that time of the year, when everyone is practically an insomniac, because of the heat. Summertime for Indians is essentially Ice-creams, powercuts, cotton shirts, and yea...late night Horror movies. Probably the most dissected and discussed genre among all movie types, Horror is an all time hit, among young urban crowds. Lots of lists of common horror flicks is circling around the internet, and there's no point in  coming out with "my greatest" series, as it has been done for the N number of times before by professional movie critics throughout the globe. The films about to be recollected here are probably mostly seen by connoisseurs, and any attempt to make a list will prove controversial, but here's my almost futile attempt to pen down 5 scenes that disturbed my mental sanity the most in my formative years. I am genuinely leaving the Evil dead or The Ring or Grudge type of trash, as I don't consider them to be horror movies at all. At best they have shock effect...not my type. 'Cause as Hitchcock said..."Fear comes from imagination..." Period.


5. ESCAPES (1986)


The "lost" horror movie of Vincent Price, this is a lesser known T.V. movie, with five short tales of terror. It was one of the first to hit with the formula of short horror stories being complied in one single package. An equally lesser known cast, with almost negligible budget, it comes out with surprisingly good storyline, crisp cinematography, and effective acting. The plot of the first story, when an apple is used as a bait, to pull a man out for fishing, in the deep dark water, by some unknown force, is bound to increase the rate of changing shorts among adults. A hard to find video though.


4. THE OMEN (1976)


This cult movie, is a classic in many ways. It was one of the first movies, that came out of the formula of portrayal of monsters and demons, in a Biblical horror. Rather a helpless kid, the least expected to be the cause of any terror, is the villain in this film, which ripped of a number of horrible sequels, none matching the originality of the first one. The evil malice in the eyes, the seemingly innocent cycle ride of a child, suddenly turning into an attempt at his mom's life...this is a must collectors item.


3. 28 WEEKS LATER (2007)


A sequel to the original 28 Days Later, this movie came out with lot of expectations. Now, zombies running and chasing you is always a scary thought, but this one's mastery lies in the cinematographic presentation of a much known subject, in a different way. While in other zombie movies, you are about to see a lot of blood and gore, this one makes you feel claustrophibic even in open roads and fields. Is your Pizza pie looking like scattered bloody brains? Not your fault...


2. IT (1990)


Let's face it, a face hiding behind a mask, is a scary prospect in itself for many. It had it's prime in this classic, of the 90's. Also known as Steven King's IT, the masterstroke was in Tim Curry's portrayal of "Pennywise the clown". Try to visualize a smiling normal clown face in a mask, with eyes filled with rage, hatred and guile, and then have him pop up at unsuspecting places...you got what you wanted...a perfect horror recipe.


1. JAWS (1975)


An all time shocker, this is a truly great classic, not because of it's horror quotient, but because it can happen to us too...The first scene of JAWS is considered the greatest ever horrifying moment in cine history, by the AFI. If you are not afraid of unseen still waters, you will be after this.  The first appearance of Jaws via the jerking and dragging under water of the poor drunken girl swimming is scary because it is the worst thing that could happen in that situation, a realisation of a hidden unknown childhood fear...

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<p><strong><u>Chris Gaynor</u></strong></p> Funny enough I was only watching Jaws the other night!