The '80s are back

Remember the time when wearing an acidwash jeans, or a poodle skirt, using frizzy hairsprays, and listening to Glam rock bands in your new sony walkman cassette player, were the most sprightly thing to do? prize for talking about the 80's. The days of the headbands, legwarmers, and charm bracelets, weird rock videos, Werewolf movies, GI-joes, and Pacman or Mario brothers videogames, is making a grand comeback, across the planet earth. Those were the days of Breakdancing, moonwalk, Rubik's cube, and Fender Elite Stratocaster guitars, when there were no cell phones, or eBays, and you never had to check your mail, the first thing in the morning, when the coolest accessories were the Madonna gloves, or the solid coloured Lacoste Tees, and the Hard rock bands were producing classic authentic genuine music.  

The young people around the age group of 25-30 here will nostalgically remember T.V. shows like, "StreetHawk", and "Johnny-soko and his flying robot", and movies such as, "Silver Bullet", "E.T.", "Jaws" and   "Terminator".   Apparently the youths across the globe, after days of experimenting with Grunge and Hip-Hop, different types of Fashion statements, and metrosexuality, decided to go back to the good ol' days, when fashion was genuinely highflying and stylish, girls were seductive, and men were typically men.  

It all started with the song "Right Now" by Van Halen, being played all over the sound system in a 2008 presidential election campaign rally of U.S. Senator John McCain in Ohio, when he nominated Sarah Palin as his running mate. People across U.S. were reminded of a lost world of guitar riffs, chugging spitefully, with venomous precision, and though McCain lost to the witty and glamorous Barack Obama, he started a phenomena, even unknowingly to himself, which snowballed into this obsession for 80's fashion, and in this age of electronic media, and youtube, it took no time to spread on the other side of the Atlantic too.  

Stonewash and acidwash jeans, are on the rise again, so are the miniskirts, and polka dots. Solid coloured tracksuits made famous by rappers like RunDMC, and the off-shoulder dress of Jennifer Beal, from the movie "Flashdance", are the two hottest items in demand this summer. Celebs like Jessica Simpson gave Polo shirts a double breather again, and the best thing is you don't have to necessarily wear it hip-hugging straight fit jeans always, as you would have had to do then. You can smartly wear it with Cargoes, or Bell-Bots too. Companies like Lacoste, Wrangler, YSL, and Esprit are making a comeback, and Lee came out with straight jeans, very much in tag with the growing craze. Combinations of sky blue jeans, with white or black shirts, wet hairgels, and a pair of Woodlands climbing boots, is again a favourite among boys, whereas smudged kohl is gaining ground among babes.

Even the hightech has gone retro. For the children at heart, new version of classic games such as "Asteroids", "Ms. Pacman", and the "Super Mario brothers" are flooding the markets. You don't need elaborate graphics card or any other accessories, just plugin to your T.V. and get drowned in good old nostalgia.  

Lastly and most importantly, the Rock bands. After decades of disgusting lyrics, and overly complicated and unmelodiously tuneless music, people are finally turning back to classics. Websites such as  helped people across the globe search and find the lost melodies. There has been a resurgence in the viewership of the videos of bands like Poison, Whitesnake, and Slaughter, and BonJovi is making a documentary video of their latest world tour, which will be out in the market soon.

"I don't know that the fascination with the 80's will ever go away. It will ebb and flow. I think its a decade that is so defined by music and fashion that we'll see it come back over and over again," says Meredith Ross, producer of the VH1 hit show "I Love the '80s.", in an interview with CBS news. Guess that's the best way to sum it up. Get your rebellious backpacks and hit out at the road, folks...'cause the 80's is back...
(This article, was previously published in "Bengaluru Connect", by the same author.)