Achtung...Don't Mention The War!

By Phil Simms

Or should it be, don`t mention the score....A website teaching English football fans phrases such as "I puked my guts up” and “sack the manager,” in German has been set up for the World Cup this year. It also includes mandatory translations such as “blow the half-time whistle,” “the ref doesn’t know what he’s doing” and “the goal scorer looked suspiciously offside”.

the British Embassy in Berlin, which is behind the move, has also appointed a special full-time “football attaché”. Andy Battson will answer queries during the World Cup tournament and will give tips to traveling supporters.

He said: “We share a love of good beer as well as football and the friendly historic rivalry between our two teams will add extra interest.”
Some 100,000 England fans are expected to travel to Germany, a crowd second only to the locals.

the website,, has regular news updates, answers common queries and gives tips to traveling fans.