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Bigger interest rate hikes on the table, says Bank boss

BBC - Tue, 07/19/2022 - 20:02
The Bank could raise rates by 0.5% at its next meeting in August, its boss Andrew Bailey said.
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CDC advisers recommend Novavax for adults

CNN - Tue, 07/19/2022 - 19:56
Vaccine advisers to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention voted 12-0 Tuesday to recommend Novavax's Covid-19 vaccine for use as a two-dose primary series in adults.
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Teachers, police officers, nurses: What pay rise are they getting?

BBC - Tue, 07/19/2022 - 19:52
The government could be on a collision course with public sector workers after announcing pay awards.
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CDC adds 5 places to high-risk category for travel

CNN - Tue, 07/19/2022 - 19:45
The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention updated its "high" risk category for travel on Monday with five places, including two nations in South America.
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Crypto is making a big comeback. Will it last?

CNN - Tue, 07/19/2022 - 19:44
It has been an absolutely brutal year for investors in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
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Opinion: Why the Jan. 6 hearings could be a game changer

CNN - Tue, 07/19/2022 - 19:42
Over the course of the January 6 hearings, Americans have heard detailed testimony rejecting allegations of widespread fraud in the 2020 election and exposing former President Donald Trump's failed attempts to overturn the results. Much of this testimony has come from an unexpected source -- prominent Republican leaders with ties to the Trump administration.
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Not everyone can afford AC in a brutal heat wave

CNN - Tue, 07/19/2022 - 19:38
Even when the temperature soars into the 90s, Linda Morris won't turn on her air conditioning until she feels she's about to faint.
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FBI and NSA directors warn of evolving foreign interference threat ahead of US midterms

CNN - Tue, 07/19/2022 - 19:24
US officials are on alert for multifaceted election interference threats from adversaries like Iran, China and Russia -- including hacking, disinformation and influence operations -- as the midterm elections approach, FBI Director Christopher Wray said Tuesday.
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Video captures moment van falls into sinkhole

CNN - Tue, 07/19/2022 - 18:56
Crews recovered the truck the following morning. The cause is under investigation.
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Top Russian tennis player comes out as gay

CNN - Tue, 07/19/2022 - 18:55
Russia's highest ranked female tennis player came out as gay in an interview, while addressing rising homophobic attitudes in the country.
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House to vote on bill to protect same-sex marriage

CNN - Tue, 07/19/2022 - 18:51
The Democrat-led House of Representatives will vote to pass a bill on Tuesday that would enshrine protections for same-sex marriage into federal law.
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The world's most powerful passports for 2022

CNN - Tue, 07/19/2022 - 18:46
A trio of Asian passports offer their holders greater global travel freedom than those of any other countries, according to a new quarterly report released by London-based global citizenship and residence advisory firm Henley & Partners.
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TikTok: Video of woman harassed in Cardiff watched 1.8m times

BBC - Tue, 07/19/2022 - 18:46
A student filmed a man harassing her to raise awareness of a problem that happens "all the time".
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Netflix: Why some viewers are unsubscribing and switching off

BBC - Tue, 07/19/2022 - 18:35
The dominance of the world's biggest streaming platform could be starting to weaken.
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Judge opens door to 'modest' delay in Bannon trial

CNN - Tue, 07/19/2022 - 18:26
• First on CNN: Former Trump official will testify at primetime January 6 hearing • Ex-Trump aide tied to 'unhinged' December 2020 White House meeting speaks with Jan. 6 committee • Jan. 6 committee chairman has Covid-19
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Public sector pay: Police and most NHS staff get below-inflation rises

BBC - Tue, 07/19/2022 - 18:21
The government unveils pay deals for public sector workers as inflation eats into salaries.
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Giving birth, working in a sewer - how we coped in the heat

BBC - Tue, 07/19/2022 - 18:09
From giving birth to working in a river - how people have coped with the unprecedented heat.
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Extreme heat is baking a country woefully unprepared for the climate crisis

CNN - Tue, 07/19/2022 - 18:07
• Record heat creates 'unprecedented day' for London firefighters • Watch: Ring camera captures delivery driver collapsing from heat
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Ex-GOP lawmaker shares shocking political strategy with author of Trump book

CNN - Tue, 07/19/2022 - 17:53
In his new book "Thank You for Your Servitude: Donald Trump's Washington and the Price of Submission," author Mark Leibovich reveals what an unnamed former Republican congressman told him is the GOP's "only real plan for dealing with Trump."
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Why women do or don't change their name when they get married

CNN - Tue, 07/19/2022 - 17:52
Decades ago, newly married women overwhelmingly would adopt their husband's last name, satisfying a social custom and securing certain legal, economic and familial protections.
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