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Updated: 2 hours 22 min ago

Schiff: GOP only upset Trump got caught

14 hours 5 min ago
House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) criticizes Republican lawmakers in his closing statement at a public impeachment hearing.
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CNN panelist to Rick Santorum: That argument is insane

14 hours 14 min ago
CNN legal analyst Carrie Cordero calls CNN senior political commentator Rick Santorum's defense of President Donald Trump insane during a discussion about the impeachment hearings.
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Prosecutor accused of using his daughter as bait to catch suspected child molester

14 hours 24 min ago
A prosecutor in Northern California was placed on leave after he allegedly used his daughter to lure a suspected child molester, the Santa Clara District Attorney's Office says.
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Trump tweets it's 'a great day for Republicans'

14 hours 25 min ago
Read opening statements: Morrison, Volker, Williams, Vindman
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Trump and bribery claim: Does the shoe fit?

14 hours 52 min ago
For weeks, Americans have debated whether President Donald Trump's request that President Volodymyr Zelensky publicly announce the launch of investigations into former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden, involved a quid pro quo. Recently, however, Speaker Nancy Pelosi dropped the Latin.
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How Republicans' star impeachment witness turned on them

14 hours 57 min ago
• Analysis: What Tuesday's impeachment hearings tell us about the next ones • Polls show impeachment hearings aren't changing minds
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Judiciary Committee wants McGahn testimony about Trump soon

15 hours 3 min ago
The House Judiciary Committee is planning to hold hearings on impeaching the President that expand past the current Ukraine investigation and wants former White House counsel Don McGahn to be forced to testify, according to a new court filing.
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Woman charges into flames to save burned koala

15 hours 31 min ago
Video shows a woman rescuing a koala from a bushfire in New South Wales. The koala has been treated for his burns and is still in "very serious condition."
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North America's economy is the most resilient against climate change

16 hours 9 min ago
Climate change will have an impact on economic growth over the next decade — and not for the better. North America is no exception, but it is better off than the rest of the world.
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Study: Anal cancer rates and deaths are climbing in the US

16 hours 39 min ago
Anal cancer cases and deaths are rising dramatically in the United States, especially among older people and young black men, a new study says.
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Sondland a day after Trump Ukraine call: US will increase support of Ukraine if it undertakes 'promised' reforms

16 hours 55 min ago
US Ambassador Gordon Sondland said in an interview a day after President Donald Trump's July phone call with Ukraine's leader that the United States would increase its support of the country if it undertook "promised" reforms.
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Kurt Volker, whose prior testimony Republicans cited as evidence of no quid pro quo, now says Ukraine aid was linked to Biden probe

Tue, 11/19/2019 - 23:44
Read opening statements: Morrison, Volker, Williams, Vindman
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White House Twitter account slams decorated veteran Vindman during testimony

Tue, 11/19/2019 - 23:35
Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman had already recounted his unease at President Donald Trump's approach to Ukraine and his actions to report it when his employer -- the White House -- attacked him on Twitter.
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NFL player cut after he's accused of punching a woman who's pregnant with his baby

Tue, 11/19/2019 - 23:27
The Miami Dolphins waived second-year running back Mark Walton after he was arrested Tuesday morning, with police accusing him of repeatedly punching the mother of his unborn child in the face.
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Ohio mother gets consecutive life sentences after pleading guilty to killing young sons

Tue, 11/19/2019 - 23:27
An Ohio mother was sentenced to two consecutive life sentences plus seven years Tuesday after pleading guilty to smothering her three young sons to death over a 13-month period, prosecutors said.
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Ex-envoy says investigation link to Bidens is 'unacceptable'

Tue, 11/19/2019 - 23:25
Former US special envoy Kurt Volker told lawmakers Tuesday that he was "surprised" to learn there had been additional conversations about the Ukrainian President announcing an investigation into the President Donald Trump's political rivals.
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Carl Bernstein shares how GOP secretly voiced their concerns

Tue, 11/19/2019 - 23:07
CNN Political Analyst Carl Bernstein, joins Anderson Cooper to answer your President Trump impeachment inquiry questions as the hearings ramp up. Watch Full Circle week nights at 5 p.m. ET.
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Man who sold ammunition to Las Vegas gunman pleads guilty to federal charges

Tue, 11/19/2019 - 23:00
An Arizona man who says he sold ammunition to the gunman in the 2017 mass shooting in Las Vegas pleaded guilty on Tuesday to federal charges.
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Donald Trump and Melania Trump register to vote in Florida

Tue, 11/19/2019 - 22:59
President Donald Trump is officially a Florida man.
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