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Updated: 9 min 45 sec ago

Florida woman took dishwashing job so she could visit husband with Alzheimer's during pandemic

13 hours 21 min ago
Mary Daniel visited her husband Steve every day at his Florida memory care center until they stopped allowing visitors in March because of the coronavirus pandemic.
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Couples share how they found matches in the middle of a pandemic

13 hours 23 min ago
If you asked Alec Mahon one month ago whether he believed in love, he'd probably tell you he had "given up."
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Ronaldo: The mystery of the 1998 World Cup final, and why Brazil's star striker barely turned up

14 hours 53 min ago
It's one of the great mysteries of our time: not the Loch Ness Monster, Stonehenge or the Lost City of Atlantis; it's the case of the missing striker -- not so much a whodunit, more a kind of a what the heck happened?
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US Covid-19 cases are climbing but some state and local leaders clash over moves to curb the spread

15 hours 17 min ago
With coronavirus cases climbing across the US, local and state leaders have found themselves at odds over the types of restrictions that should be in place to move forward effectively.
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Record heat possible from California to Texas today

15 hours 31 min ago
Heat alerts are in effect from California to Texas as high temperatures will be 10-15 degrees above average on Sunday.
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Former USA Gymnastics coach is arrested and faces charges of lewdness with a minor

16 hours 20 min ago
A former gymnastics coach was arrested in Las Vegas and faces 14 counts of lewdness with a child under age 14, authorities said
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New stars found in the Milky Way were born outside of it

16 hours 24 min ago
Astronomers have found a new stream of stars in our Milky Way galaxy, but they likely didn't originate there, according to a new study.
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US hits 10th billion-dollar weather disaster of the year -- at a record pace

17 hours 20 min ago
The United States has hit its 10th billion-dollar weather disaster earlier than any other year, making 2020 the sixth consecutive year with at least 10 extreme weather events -- also a record, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).
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At least 2 people dead and 2 injured in Washington shooting

17 hours 26 min ago
At least two people are dead and two are injured in a shooting in Bellevue, Washington, Saturday night.
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The hunger crisis linked to coronavirus could kill more people than the disease itself, Oxfam warns

18 hours 27 min ago
The coronavirus pandemic has already claimed over half a million lives across the world, with case numbers continuing to rise. A new report by Oxfam now warns that the hunger crisis worsened by the pandemic could potentially kill more people each day than the infection itself.
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He flaunted private jets and luxury cars on Instagram. Feds used his posts to link him to alleged cyber crimes

18 hours 30 min ago
Ramon Abbas openly flaunted a lavish lifestyle of private jets, designer clothes and luxury cars.
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Britain is the worst-hit country outside of the US and Brazil. But it STILL won't wear masks

18 hours 34 min ago
Walk into any busy store in England or board a train on London's cramped underground system and you will see dozens of people unmasked. And you can forget about face coverings at recently reopened pubs... that's about as likely as a free pint of beer.
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Teen surfer dies in suspected shark attack in Australia

20 hours 20 min ago
A 15-year-old boy died in a suspected shark attack while surfing in New South Wales, Australia, police said Saturday.
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Two Texas police officers are fatally shot while responding to a domestic disturbance

20 hours 33 min ago
Two police officers in McAllen, Texas, were killed while answering a domestic disturbance call Saturday afternoon, according to the police chief.
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How Cuba managed to flatten the curve

21 hours 7 min ago
More than 121,000 people have died from coronavirus in the Caribbean and South America, but as CNN's Patrick Oppmann reports, the island nation of Cuba has managed to flatten the curve.
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Canadian mobster killed in shooting, police say

21 hours 55 min ago
A Canadian man whose family has been linked to convictions for bombings, extortion and murders died in a shooting Friday in Burlington, Ontario, according to the Halton Regional Police Service and CNN affiliate CBC.
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Asia's ecosystems were buckling under overtourism. When the tourists return, it has to be different

22 hours 7 min ago
Before the pandemic put a stop to most international travel, each year millions of people flocked to Southeast Asia's white sandy beaches, ancient temples and diverse wildlife.
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Opinion: What Trump learned from Newt Gingrich

22 hours 57 min ago
When the going gets tough, President Donald Trump distracts. This is the essence of his media strategy: give journalists the red meat of controversy and they won't be able to resist the temptation. With the President's will to say or do almost anything -- such as tweeting out the video of a supporter yelling "White Power!" to protesters at the Villages retirement community in Florida -- he's confident that his Twitter feed and his blistering rallies might give him some wiggle room to survive in the fall.
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Katz's Deli offers outdoor dining for the first time in its 132-year history

23 hours 8 min ago
Katz's Delicatessen is giving its customers a breath of fresh air -- literally.
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