All change at LabourList

The left-wing website LabourList's ethos from punchy attack blog has taken a dramatic turn to a more centre ground debating website under a new editor Alex Smith. The change comes as former editor Derek Draper quit this week - after months of controversy and attacking of right-wing bloggers, namely Iain Dale and the independent right-wing blog GUIDO FAWKES. The website has also had a dramatic re-design - something which Dale was recommending yesterday. Smith writes in a new post: "When you are passionate about a political party and its values, as we are at LabourList, it's easy to forget that as the parties compete with each other for support, they all share a common responsibility to prevent public disenchantment with politics in general. Public trust in politicians of all parties is worryingly low, and disillusionment ultimately leads to disenfranchisement."
Everyone involved in politics  — including on websites like ours  — has a responsibility to try to arrest this decline. Editor Alex Smith
He adds: "Yet, by competing with each other in the blogosphere, we sometimes risk exacerbating these problems  — as recent events have proved. When political competition turns into personal attack, particularly if allegations are petty, malicious or downright false, there is a danger that this public disengagement can grow, as all involved are tarnished and voters simply give up on the political process." This is exactly what the Doctor ordered for LabourList. A clean up, a new editor, a new direction. Less attacking and a re-design. Smith adds on political distrust: "The politics of  "we're always right and they're always wrong" harms all parties - when it's employed by all sides, it leaves those without 'affiliation' with nowhere to go but away from politics altogether and towards less blinkered and parochial forms of debate." Editor Smith also said that the site would reach out to those not necessarily on the side of Labour. And that they would begin with an interview with the Tory blogger Iain Dale on issues that matter - not on petty meddling. Yesterday, Dale wished the the new editor of the website well on his blog. Now that the site has had a new direction, let's hope that Smith keeps to his word, and doesn't get tempted by the attack ethos of previous. The problem is, politicians and alike, tend to be drawn to attacking one another because it is in their blood. SO, for me, only time will tell if they can indeed stick to their new ethos. We'll see. Meanwhile, yesterday, political campaigner and actress Joanna Lumley reduced a cabinet Immigration minister Phil Woolas to silence by leading the way over the Gurkha issue, to which she has fought tirelessly to extract some response from the Labour government. She managed to get Woolas to half-heartedly agree that Gurkhas would be able to live in the UK - because had fought for the country. The events that happened yesterday neatly illustrate how Labour has run out of steam. When famous actresses are putting ministers on the backfoot, it shows that leader and PM of that government have lost his grip on government, and his ministers. It was more dramatic than watching Lumley in any TV show she has done, and no script writer could have staged it better. Watch the video at top and judge for yourself. Woolas has not been akin to having his cake and eating it. Remember this, below? UPDATE: 54,403 people have signed the Downing Street petition demanding GORDON QUITS. Tell him to just GO here.