Amazing Burning Spear records

Rocking reggae is the very soul of the iconic legend that is the man in question here. AKA Winston Rodney, he's among Jamaica's finest, mentioned in the same breath as Bob Marley. In fact, it was Marley who steered him into recording. Burning Spear records are genuine collectors items for discerning Rasta reggae connoisseurs to love and hold. Often hard to find, they regularly fetch some big prices: so take your time shopping around.

Out of print vinyls can be found much more readily these days. When you're seeking the authentic sound, original artwork and your piece of music history, there are good sources via the internet. No more hunting around for hours in second-hand places: go to Ebay, specialist retailers or various auction sites. There are forums to buy privately and swap vinyls as well.

The earliest record by this man was Studio One Presents Burning Spear. Released in 1973, it was followed by annual albums until 1978. Of course, the earlier the recording, the rarer the vinyl. So look out also for Rockin' Time (1974), Marcus Garvey (1975), Man in the Hills ('76) and Garvey's Ghost released in 1977. Marcus Garvey is widely viewed as one of the best albums ever recorded in Jamaica.

When he was young, he was known as Winston Rodney and was born in 1948, the artist recorded new tracks up to 2008. His most recent tour took place in 2011, aged 63. A huge opus, 35 albums are available to collect, with six of them being live albums.

One of the most reputed roots musicians in the world, Rastafarian, preacher and black historian, this unassuming, yet wise man broadcasts Rastafarianism and peace through the music. His acclaim and public following is worldwide to this very day. His classic recordings are a great and overt explication of the religion and belief system. Burning Spear is not only a genius as a musician, but a preacher and narrative historian too.

Rodney originally recorded with Rupert Willington as a singing partnership. Studio One, with producer and head Coxsone Dodd, recognised the talent from a sample of just three songs. Door Peep was the first single. When joined by Delroy Hands, Burning Spear saw several releases in quick succession. In their homeland of Jamaica, the 1972 Joe Frazier (He Prayed) enjoyed big success.

The trio's earlier songs spoke out on freedom and politics, slavery and release from white oppression. Melodic vocals and this evangelical style made them very popular in their Caribbean home. They reached near perfection, really nailing the sound and sweet style with the release of the album Marcus Garvey.

As 1976 drew to a close, Rodney went solo. In 1977 he toured England first; a country where a big following had already grown. His Live album captures this heralded tour. He found film fame in the 1979 classic Rockers; critics calling it a stand-out performance. Burning Spear vinals and their popularity thus caught the world. Even in our decade, Winston Rodney, survivor and symbol of reggae, is proclaimed on the list of most important artists from his time and genre.

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