May 2008

Stop monkeying around and let's have your opinion

Black is finally in fashion at Vogue

It's an open secret in the fashion industry: Black models rarely get jobs on catwalks, in magazines and on billboards. According to executives, they do not inspire women to spend money. Apart from Naomi Campbell in one Louis Vuitton advertisement thi ...

It's nothing to laugh about, Comrade Ken

Dear Ken,As a former friend, I am writing to say farewell comrade. You put up a spirited fight to win a third term as Mayor of London, but I could tell you were tired and your heart wasn't really in it this time. Ironically, you faced a political oppon ...

Oncoming traffic beware

Mental illness hits US combat troops

Almost 300,000 US soldiers who have returned from Iraq and Afghanistan, the equivalent of one out of every five veterans of those wars, are suffering from depression and other psychological disorders, according to a study by the Rand Corporation think tank ...