Marc Wadsworth: Tom Watson Leading WITCH HUNT Against Chris Williamson & Corbyn Loyalists!


July 13, 2019

Anti-racism campaigner and Editor at The-Latest Marc Wadsworth speaks to Russia Today

General Election: Jeremy Corbyn's victory

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn 'knocking on door of government'

STRONG AND STABLE RACISM. Progressive Talk From Theresa May's Team? Don't believe it.

'Strong and stable racism' from UK Prime Minister's Party

Shelter Manchesters Homeless Documentary

A look at the harsh reality of homelessness in Manchester


Ken Loach's new hard-hitting film about the UK's punitive welfare system

Britain's Illegal Rave Renaissance: LOCKED OFF

Examining the current state of illegal raves in Britain

Tags: RavesDance partiesIllegal
Muhammad Ali 'wasn't a hero of the civil rights movement'

Muhammad Ali: civil rights or Black Power icon?

Muhammad Ali’s legacy is in danger of being hijacked by journalists and historians keen to “whitewash” him as an icon of the “civil rights” movement rather the Black Power struggle, of which he was a leader, says The-Latest ed ...
World photography awards tackle host of themes

Inspiring images from the Sony World Photography competition

Winners have been announced for the Sony World Photography Awards. It's the globe's biggest camera competition open to professionals and amateurs. More than 230, 000 entries were received from 186 countries. And all the winning photos are part of a ...

Courageous burns survivor shares her empowering make-up tutorial

In her video titled Power of Make-up Shalom Blac, 20, demonstrates how cosmetics can be used to compliment a positive body image. Blac says: "You should love yourself either way, make-up or no make-up," adding: "Make-up makes me happy, ...
10 Non-White Performances & Films the 2016 Oscars Overlooked

Ignored by the 2016 Academy Awards

Talk of boycotts and protests for the 2016 Academy Awards are building after another year of predominantly white nominations. Mashable News have chosen a few non-white films and performances that they think should have been selected.