Awards Fall Outside Race Law Afterall...

After weeks of deliberation, the Commission for Racial Equality (CRE) has written to my voluntary organisation BTWSC regarding the alleged complaint they received about a 'racially-biased' Brent Youth Spotlight Awards ad in the local newspaper.

The CRE letter states that: "it is probable that the award falls outside the scope of the 1976 Act, as it based on nominations and is not the provision of goods, facilities or services to the public or a section of the public. ... given that the award probably falls outside the 1976 Act and the scale of it, the Commission has decided to take no further action in this matter."




1 Response to "Awards Fall Outside Race Law Afterall..."


Fri, 07/14/2006 - 15:33
Well done, Serwah, for your tenacity in wrong-footing the CRE fools who have wasted so much of your valuable time in corresponding with them. Perhap, the toothless race watchdogs will now do some much-needed work combatting real racism rather than the type they conjured up in their juvenile imagination to pursue your wonderful project that does so much good for young Black people. I'm glad The-Latest was able to be of assistance.<br />