Baby David: A child of our times?

Pop Queen Madonna's adoption of Baby David has caused stirrings in a variety of quarters of late. The 46 year old beauty queen and her husband Guy Ritchie have taken a battering over attempts at helping the impoverished countries and their people of this world have some hope of a better life. Critics say that Madonna's gesture of billions of dollars in aid in return for adopting a poor child of Africa are morally wrong and wreak of the West's typical way of trying to help. By throwing billions of money at the problem and hoping that will solve the problem. For sure, investing money doesn't mean that the problem will be solved. We only have to look at Labour's record of investment in our public services and we still see very little improvements in quality. But Critics also batter Madonna for not considering adopting a child from this country. The fact is, adoption in this country is poor and the children generally tend to be older. Baby David has the chance of a better life in this country - and Madonna has said she would like him to grow up to be a spokesman for his country of origin. Will he speaking up for Western civilisation or speaking up for the problem of Third world poverty? When he grows up he will be torn between two worlds - the world he came from and the world he has ended up in. Who's fault is this? I say it is everyone's - as Tory leader David Cameron coined in his conference speech 'social responsibility.' We are all responsible for the world we live in. Globalisation is indeed alive and well. Britain, the US and Europe all have their part to play in how the rest of the world is shaped. Sometimes we get it right - sometimes we get it wrong. Madonna's gesture of billions of dollars in aid was the only way that Western civilisation knows how. Money. That is the Conservative way - or now, the Labour way of doing things. Baby David, taken under the wings of very wealthy superstars will have a chance of a decent education, improved health care and dare i say happiness and love. Madonna has been made a scapegoat of a broader problem. She is a small pawn in a very huge game of chess. That is How do we solve a puzzle like Africa and poverty? Helping one child is not enough. Throwing money is not enough. But does anyone have better suggestions? Western countries should take a step back from the problem and consider that before we throw money around, or consider taking a poor child and placing him in the care of very rich people, that we need to understand and respect the way of life from other civilisations and that the Western way of life is not neccessarily the right way of doing things. Don't blame Madonna, blame the way society has evolved!