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899 angry aircraft manufacturing workers in Brough, Yorkshire, UK, have been sacked via the news – it is claimed


Tory and Labour MPs David Davis and Alan Johnson slammed the decision by BAE Systems live on TV today.


The workers claim they had been sold down the river – as bosses had assured them there would not be a large number of redundancies at the plant.


Alan Johnson, a former shadow Chancellor, said this was the worse possible way to hear about losing a job.


The decision to axe near 900 workers had been rumoured over the past couple of days – but not to hear it face to face – and to hear it LIVE on TV, would be devastating, Johnson added.


2000 other workers from BAE will also be axed across the UK.


Shadow Olympics minister Tessa Jowell told Sky at the Party conference that if Labour was in power, they would be straight on the phone to BAE to try to keep the 900 in Brough in work.


The devastating new comes as Labour’s Ed Miliband is to make his keynote speech at the Labour Party conference in Liverpool on responsible business, which includes making sure businesses invest in apprenticeships and give opportunities for young people..


Yesterday, Ed Balls slammed the coalition cuts, and although BAE is a private company, it has fuelled the Labour Party’s view that the cuts need to be slowed down.


The coalition have denied they are cutting too far and too fast – saying it has to be done.


Tory MP David Davis said that the Business secretary Vince Cable was abroad, trying to promote UK manufacturing, ironically.


But Davis and Johnson, who paired up for a news conference said that they would be getting the government to implement a statutory 90 day review of BAE’s decision to reconsider their position.


Although, Labour MP Johnson didn’t say he wanted to give anyone “false hope.”


Unions are fuming at the BAE decision, and one representative from the Unite Union, said that those at BAE had almost been lied to about BAE decision to do a devastating u-turn to fire the 900 staff.


Some workers claim they only received an email and a “ten minute” meeting over the decision.


David Davis is the Haltemprice and Howden MP. Alan Johnson is the Kingston Upon Hull West and Hessle MP.


Mark Prisk, standing in for Cable, said he wanted to find out if it was true that workers weren’t told first about the redundancies.


He also said that those workers who lose their jobs would be put in new jobs that suit their skills and qualifications in manufacturing. He also said they would be offered more training.


He said that anyone losing their jobs should be told face to face “always.”


Some firms have been sacking staff by text message – something which is becoming increasingly common.



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