'Barbaric Inhumanity Drenched In False Justice'

Saddam Hussein's American-orchestrated execution by the puppet Iraqi regime was greeted with condemnation by many citizen journalists around the world. Here The-Latest gives a selection of some of the instant reactions on the internet.

Absolute savagery and barbaric inhumanity drenched in false justice - that is what this execution was. This is what the puppet Iraqi regime was instructed to do by the UK/US governments. These are the "human rights" Bush/Blair preach to the rest of the world. I wonder why they weren't brave enough to be in the pictures, smiling next to the hangman.

M. M. Zaman, UK/Canada

Former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein has been hanged.This will not change the current situation in the world. NO one can be made to under stand the person and persionality of that great person.

Mitahli Das, Mumbai

How about trying BUSH, BLAIR for war crimes?


This is not "justice". Saddam should have been kept alive to witness the rebuilding of an Iraq that worked. Instead an opponent of a ludicrous regime is murdered after an unfair trial (is this meant to be ironic?). Ah, this must be "democracy" then.

David, Bristol

Now the fiasco of the Saddam trial is over, I am looking forward to the much more interesting spectacle of the George Bush / Tony Blair trial for illegally invading a sovereign country against UN wishes and the murder of hundreds of thousands of civilian Iraqis, in the immortal words of George Bush 'bring it on'.

Chris, Shropshire UK

The death of Saddam just proves that being an ally of America today doesn't mean they will be coming to kill you the next. Most of the weapons Saddam had were funded by the west, mainly the US, during the Iran Iraq war. So looking deeper does this not mean that there should be American politicians in court for war crimes etc, since they supplied the funds for the weapons Saddam has used?

Tom, Reading

This was over with very quickly, indeed. Now, I don't pretend to know much of the workings and procedures of this type of thing, but it does seem strange to me that Saddam was executed so quickly, especially since there were other important criminal charges against him that the community wanted him to face. I am given the impression that certain important powers did not want certain events to be analysed and discussed in court. Who had something to lose if further trials went ahead?

Matthew Whiting, Oslo

Modern day Et tu Brute! It is a clear case of conspiracy. Will Saddam's death bring back the over 57,000 people who have been killed since the American invasion? The Iraqi people should wake up and smell the coffee. If America really wants to play the world police, they need to travel from North Korea to Burma. They need to invade Zimbabwe and Sudan. Otherwise, it will be a case of double standards.

Ayo Awoyele, Peterborough, United Kingdom

I'm ashamed and disgusted to be British, that we helped this mock trial and retribution to take place. The Americans are hypocrites; they sponsor terrorism when it suits them by supporting Saddam and giving him the WMD in the first place. I'm deeply angered by the actions of our government in Iraq, I don't condone terrorism, but can fully understand why in this unjust and hypocritical world we have young men prepared to take it further on our streets.

Julian Clay

Out of all the days, why did the U.S. pick the day of Hajj to hang Saddam?

Zoab Khan, San Francisco

Oh for goodness' sake, why do you people disrespect the Iraqi people so much that you cannot accept that they have their own justice system?

Andy Chisholm

Perhaps they'll show the execution on Al-Jazeera; they seem to be fond of showing killings. Well actually, it would probably distress them to see someone who deserves it get executed.

Steven McDaniel, Sand Springs, United States

Although hanging Saddam will not make much if any positive difference to the situation in Iraq, saddam was a modern day Hitler, he deserved to die. In my opinion he lost all his human rights when he proceeded to kill hundreds of innocent people. Justice has been served.

Joe, Wakefield

I am sad that the US see a man's death as required for closure. Why their decision to storm a nation, take the leader by force, try him according to their own legal paradigms and then see him executed is any different to his directed arrests and execution to his own dissidents is beyond me. Margaret Beckett's approval of the act also appals me. The UK has acceded to the 13th Protocol of the European Convention on Human Rights.

Manley, Exeter

Saddam, undoubtedly evil, as is all avoidable taking of life, including hanging.

[globalidentity], Upminster, United Kingdom

The Iraqi government had no option. The coalition is facing imminent defeat when the government will be left to its fate. Time is running out for collaborators in Iraq. Although it will not ultimately protect them from the Iraqi people the execution of their president does remove a figurehead of resistence. Saddam would not have been executed if Britain and America were not on the verge of defeat.

Hilda, Swindon, Wiltshire

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