Bearded man on the up

Chris Gaynor

Questions always come in two's!

'To be or not to be?

To live or not to live?

Who remembers Noel's House Party? A classic piece of Saturday evening entertainment from the bearded man himself with a man dressed in a pink suit with blobbs all over his body.

Noel Edmonds was on a downer after being axed from prime time TV. Now, it seems little old ladies and just about anyone can't get enough of him.

His new popular primetime hit, 'deal or no deal?' seems to be a winner. What is it about these shows which gives them their popularity?

I must confess since watching it once,  I now find myself tuning in regularly on a saturday night to watch some poor soul try to 'beat the banker.' Have I become as sad as the old granny - shouting 'No deal,' from the back of their sofa?

Noel Edmonds can  certainly charm an audience - perhaps it's the beard!

Which ever way you look at it, saturday nights have never been the same since Noel's House Party was axed.

In an age where we are bombarded by reality TV and mindless celebrity trash I'ts good to see an old face doing new tricks.

As they say you can't teach an old dog new tricks! but, in this case, you can with a man with a beard!

1 Response to "Bearded man on the up"


Mon, 05/29/2006 - 16:46
<p>I watched this once, mainly to see what all the hype was about. I witnessed possibly most the disturbing episode I've ever seen on TV.</p><p>Edmonds had&nbsp; young woman as his contestant, and he was rabbiting on to the banker as he does. He stopped, looked at the girl and, with an expression that seemed to be trying to convey 'look at me I'm making TV history', told her that the banker wanted to talk to her. She nervously took the receiver and said hello. After a few yeses and thank yous and wows, she handed the phone back to the host. She looked overwhelmed. Edmonds asked what he'd said to her. Her reply chilled me to the bone. &quot;He said that if he ever had a daughter, he'd want her to be like me&quot;.</p><p>Although I can't put my finger on exactly why, this whole incident really, really frightened me. I had to turn it off and have a bit of a sit down.</p><p>Fair play to him for rediscovering his career, but Edmonds really reminds me of Alan Partridge in the third series, with millions of unsold copies of his autobiography 'Bouncing Back'. Know what I mean?</p><p>Joe</p>