Best affordable web design

People from all walks of life and businesses of all sizes operate their own websites today, but to set them up, affordable web design options need to be considered. Many do so to sell their products, document their lives, or to help others in need. Why someone has a website is not as important as how effective that website is and how user friendly it seems to be.

Tackling the Kick It Out campaign


How to sell a gift card

Anyone who is wanting to sell a gift card has a few easy ways to do so. Often the reason that one wishes to offer one up for sale is because it is to a store that they do not frequent. It could be due it being far away or one that does not have items that they would use. No matter what the reason, finding someone else to buy it is often not as difficult as one would think.

Ryder Cup glory

This year’s Ryder Cup once again reaffirmed the perception held in European golfing circles that 'team golf' does not really feature in the American sporting psyche.


Statue was of ‘Vaisravana’ not of ‘Buddha’

In the last week of September 2012 the Associated Press, BBC reports published in different sites and News Papers on the ancient Buddhist statue weighing about 10.6 kilograms and 9 inches height that the Nazi’s Great Schaefer expediton found at Chinese-Tibetan boarder in 1938 stated to be manufactured with that of meteorite element and other details revealed by Dr.Elmar Buchner of University of Stuttgart were rather confusing, as they have related the statue to Buddhism – probably for not having sufficient information on the “Indian Sanatana Dharma” or Ancient (Hindu) Vedic culture” and it

Visit Kiev for a stylish experience

If you feel that it's time to explore a new European destination, you may want to visit Kiev. The capital of the Ukraine has something to offer for everyone, whether you are a party animal or a culture vulture. Since the Ukraine's independence from the Soviet Union, this city has also become a bustling and vibrant center in Eastern Europe.

Indian ration cards v American green cards

When Mr.Barack Obama passed remarks on deteriorating investment climate in India apparently revealing his dissatisfaction over delay of Indian governement’s decision to allow FDIs (Foreign Direct Investments) into Indian open market a few weeks ago, the UPA ruling government started feeling the pinch of Obama’s resentment for not allowing Sam Walton’s Wal Mart grocery retailers into India on one side, and  the indirect pressure of some sections of Indians residing in U.S. (holding U.S. Green Cards) and supporters of U.S.

Medicare overbilling rampant among crooked docs

Medicare is one of the individual biggest line-items in the nationwide spending budget, with hundreds of millions being allocated to medical care for our country's senior citizens. However, a recently released study suggests that doctors are engaging in Medicare overbilling, because of some taking advantage of deep federal pockets.

More women needed in tech industry

While women now make up the majority of university graduates, the workforce in many technology companies is still heavily imbalanced with regard to gender. It is still the case that the apps on your new smartphone, the technology that makes your advanced gadgets like all in one printers work, and the new screen on your tablet all were probably designed by men, not women. It is fair to say that women are surrounded by a digital and electronic infrastructure designed by men. 

Arsenal put on course for triumph

On Tuesday Arsenal officially announced the long awaited signing of Spanish international Santi Cazorla.