World AIDS Day 2011

December, 1st is World AIDS Day, a day to raise awareness, funding, and get help to the people that need it the most.

How Many People Have HIV

How to make your retirement nest egg rise

Once upon a time an American wage earner could put his or her profits away for retirement in a financial institution CD and live off the interest. But a rising cost of living and dull interest rates have changed all that. But there are more investment strategies that a working person can do to make that fortune work for them. However, there are always risks associated with investing. Seeking reputable specialist advice is always recommended before making any investment outlay.

'Press freedom' or another publicity stunt?

Paul Staines, political blogger

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Environmentally friendly insurance

In over half of states, you can attach a "green insurance" rider to homeowners' policies. These riders pay out additional cash. If the house is damaged, or if homeowners' insurance pays out for other reasons, then the green rider pays additional to make eco-friendly updates. I found this here: Doing the math on green insurance

Facts on eco-friendly insurance

Sheep dog round up

Hugh Grant, 2007

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Is green insurance worth the cost?

In over half of states, you can add a "green insurance" rider to homeowners' plans. These riders pay out extra cash. If the house is destroyed, or if homeowners' insurance pays out for other reasons, then the green rider pays additional to make eco-friendly upgrades. Article source: Doing the math on green insurance Basic environmentally friendly insurance information Green insurance can be added to an existing residence insurance policy.

Mobile phone firms and the Fed

Commission reach agreement over bill shockMillions have had “bill shock” then they learn their cell phone bill is way more than they expected it to be. Federal regulators and cellular providers have attained a deal to let individuals know beforehand if they are due to get a large bill. Source of article: Cell phone carriers and FCC reach agreement over bill shock

Mobile phone bills got attention from Feds

Irish Government coy over detainees in Israel

The Irish Government are tonight coming under heavy criticism for their inexplicable lack of action in relation to the 14 Irish citizens currently being detained by Israeli authorities. They are being held at the Givon Detention Centre near the port of Ashdod.

The 14 man crew of the Irish vessel the MV Saoirse were taken into Israeli custody on Friday last when their ship was illegally boarded in international waters by Israeli forces.

Ups and downs of citizen journalism

Every movement in history experiences challenges that cause it to morph from the purpose and design of its founders, usually in an effort to stay alive.

Occupy London: Word of truth from 99 per cent

Over the two weeks during which the Occupy London demonstrators have camped outside St. Paul’s Cathedral, we’ve been reminded of many things. Not just of the massive and still-widening gap between rich and poor, the destructively irresponsible actions of global financial institutions, or the divisions within the Church of England. We’ve been offered a chance to reexamine our place in history.