Blue is the colour...Green is the vision

Would be Prime Minister and Tory Leader David Cameron has made his pitch for Britain's top job in sunny Bournemouth today. With a powerful speech to the party faithful the young hopeful set out his agenda and vision for the Party to lead Britain into the 21st Century. As his wife and shadow colleagues sat clapping his new direction, he told the conference delegates about his vision for the family, terrorism, the NHS and what drives him in politics.

My name is...

Hi there! My name is... Tony Blair and I am an... Image obsessor! I have been everywhere... from Richard and Judy to the studio of children's TV such as Blue Peter. I have been interviewed by everyone and I thrive on it! But the problem is I do not know what I am going to do when I leave Downing Street. How will I cope? Cherie has told me that I must take up some hobby other than politics, but its not that easy ... So I am here at this meeting today to work through my problem. Can you help me? I am prepared to do anything to shake off this - Hi there!

Cos I make politics look green

As The Tories put on their shades in sunny Bournemouth, their is a sense of purpose to the old fashioned party that is trying to modernise with the times. As Will Smith said: 'Cos i make this look good,' it is now Party Leader David Cameron donning his cool shade image and Green environmentally friendly tree hugging party, as well as making politics look good at the same time. Last week Blair stepped up to the podium to say he was quitting. This week, the Tories are stepping up to the podium, now fully united in leadership and speaking with one voice.

'World Trade Centre': A triumph of propaganda

Phil Simms

Now you may think I am being somewhat facetious tearing to shreds a movie that depicts quite possibly one of the most horrific and defining moments of our lifetime and well yes you would probably be right.

Pitbulls, rottweilers and ....John Prescott!

Chris Gaynor

As the Labour Party conference draws to a close in Manchester this week, we are left with one reminder at how dangerous dogs can be.

Pitbulls and Rottweilers can be one man's best friend and another man's worst enemy.

But in the political world, the K9's truely do rule the stage.

Blair syndrome part....

It was the kind of speech that Gordon Brown wasn't hoping for!

Whether you love or hate Tony Blair, political journos of all colours and pursuasions will be hailing this speech as one of the greatest fairwell speeches of all time.

Tony Blair graced the party faithful in Manchester not with the kind of speech that suggests he is leaving, but a punchy passionate, peice of oratory that suggests he wants to go on and on and on - if only he could.

But the fact is, he isn't, as Blair will probably be handing the reigns to his successor in 8 months or so time.

Who will be seeing red this week?

This week will be the most crucial for the Prime-Minister and his likely successor.

Tony Blair will step up to the podium this week in an attempt to woo back disgruntled Labour supporters and also try to offer calm to the recent storms that have been swirling around the peaks of power within his cabinet.

So, the main question political journo's will be asking is, what will Gordon be doing this week?

Caught napping

It's official!

Having a sneaky snooze in the afternoon apparently can increase brain power and productivity amongst employee's.

Music to the ears of employer's? maybe not! However, I must confess that since finishing my journalism studies and venturing out into that big wide world of work, the odd nap in the afternoon both at home, and at work has never done me any harm!

The clinical tests researched in the US by a leading researcher DR Matthew Tucker suggests that 40min to an hour naps during the day can be beneficial for boosting memory and for increased stamina.

Surrey sex attacker jailed

A serial sex attacker who preyed on young girls in Surrey has been jailed for 13 years for crimes committed more than 10 years ago.

The Claygate man who had been labelled as a 'professional' by work colleagues took on a dual identity and preyed on young school girls in and around the Claygate area from the late 80's to early 90's.

Posing as a tramp, he would lure his victims into secluded areas, and then brutally attack them.

Short strife

Chris Gaynor

Former International Development Secretary and outspoken rebel MP is set to have a ticking off for speaking ill of the Goverment and Tony Blair.

Clare Short   could be thrown out of the Labour Party for pain staken comments   such as labelling the Government as 'incompitent' and 'arrogant.'