A political storm brewing over England

The face of Tony Blair on the front page of the Daily Mail today says it all.

Party animal Blair is suffering for his all nighters with the likes of Snoopy and Stevie Wonder.

He's been all around the world from Africa to America, just to escape the heat of the rebellion he faces back home.

Cabinet colleagues are in revolt over his mis-handlings of the Lebanon crisis. Margaret Beckett looks like a flower witling under the heat of coping with the notorious Foreign secretary job.

Cos it's a 187 on the undercover Blair

Chris Gaynor

BIZARRE   it may be but Rapper Snoop Dogg and British PM Tony Blair have been hanging out together in the prime spots of Hollywood no doubt sipping on Juice and Gin and smoking a couple of Rifa's before chomping on  smoke salmon and cream cheese dips.

Freeloader Tony

Terminator Tony has been on a mission of late. Normally, he is fighting the forces of evil in in the Commons against the new super hero of the Tory Party, David Cameron.

But now Tony has turned his attention to the high life. Rubbing noses with the likes of Arnold Swarznegger, Bono,  and the Gangsta Rapper and rude dog, Snoopy.

The purpose of these encounters with the rich and famous is not clear. What is behind that grin on our leader's face?

The State Of My Town

This is probably going to come across as extremely controversial but it is something that has to be said. Now I love the area in which I live, but it just pisses me off at the best of times. Coming home from the noSWeat building last night was absolute hell.

Where do you think you're going Prezza?

  Chris Gaynor

The bags are packed, the wife has powdered her nose, there's no time to lose, let's jet off. Where to, next?

The world is our oyster! 'Where do you fancy going, Pauline?' What about an all expenses-paid trip to Barcelona? Courtesy of John Q. taxpayer!

Welcome to No 10 Donation Street

For those Citizen Journalists who dabble in poetry now and again, here is a ditty:

I'm going down to No 10 Donation Street, where all the politicians play

To visit the PM and ask him about his day

One peerage two peerage three

How much will it cost him let's see?

To grapple with King John who's gone a bit mad of late

Perhaps a game of crouquet or glass of champagne at the corner of Westminster gate.

To see mad John smoozing with his secretary

I'm sure Tracey offers him a lot on his plate

Teflon Tony's sailing the high seas

Money can't buy him love

While the Middle East crisis is heating up and the politician's are trying to cool down the situation, Beatle star and music icon Paul McCartney is facing his own battle on the western front.

Macca and Heather Mills's so called 'amicable seperation' has become hot property in the last few weeks and more so now, as the estranged hubby, in an unprecedented attack on his feisty wife, has made damaging claims about her alleged bad behaviour.

Seeing red over Britishness

Food for thought

As I sat scoffing an Italian pannini in a Clerkenwell park and sipping on a can of American cola, It all made sense to me!

I read two interesting pieces on The-Latest, one written by the Editor and the other by a contributor, Christine Hosein. One was  about the idea of scrapping the St George's flag.and the other debated Britain and its cultural identity.

Disgraced MP to quit Westminster

Rising star and down trodden frontbench MP  is to leave parliament it  emerged last week, writes Chris Gaynor.

Home Affairs spokesman Mark Oaten, who was embroiled in a rent boy scandal will  quit Westminster as MP for Winchester at the next general election.

Two new MP's will be chosen as the constituency is split into two it has been revealed.

Jockey gets horsey with headbutt

A jockey was caught on camera doing a Zidane- like headbutt to his four legged friend at Stratford on Sunday.

26 year old Paul O'Neill has apologised for the sudden outbirst of violence calling it a 'stupid mistake.'

The incident happened as the jockey was trying to mount his horse City Affair for the selling hurdle at the start of the race.

A ban is likely to be imposed on the Irishman for his folly as the Racing Channel revealed his vented frustration live.

But the Horse Racing Regulatory Authority last night said that contact with the horse was 'minimal.'