Buying antiques at auctions

For me, a big part of the experience of antique auctions has always been about the atmosphere and the crowd. Antique dealers from all over the country come to sell off their wares, and you can hear all kinds of rumors about who has the best stuff. Whether you are looking for something minor like an antique coffee table, or are attending an antique car auction hoping to make a big purchase, being there in person allows you to really get a feel for what is going on and make a reasonable decision.

Busy people can lose weight, too

Losing weight is a goal that many people have. While losing weight is not always easy in the best situation, it can really be difficult for those that are busy. If you are wanting to lose weight, but have a busy schedule, there is hope. You can make some changes to your busy lifestyle and take off the weight while still fitting in all the activities on your list. The following article contains some tips you can use when to lose weight while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Financial advice for surviving a job loss

Whether you are laid off indefinitely or your position is terminated altogether, losing your primary source of income can be terrifying. Being proactive from the get-go can help you maintain a more comfortable lifestyle until you replace your lost income. Here are some tips for getting by when the unexpected happens.

Seven reasons to open up our lives

Lusaka, Zambia was our final destination. Since it was our first time outside the United States the few days spent in London, Paris, Rome and now Athens had left our bodies confused by time changes, our minds exhausted by currency transactions, and our hearts longing for the good old USA.

For some unexplained reason our flight from Athens to Lusaka was delayed. Our planeload of anxious passengers was herded into a small holding room in the Athens airport to await further instructions.

Does India need tough electoral reforms?

Political Party Manifestos in India have no legally binding nature. Promising glittering future for the middle and poor class people during election campaigns and adopting the policies that draw severe public protest, after getting elected has become routine habit for political parties in the country.

My day out to Covent Garden (Review)

Recently, I and three friends went out for a day to Covent Garden. When we first arrived at this place of interest, we were greeted by the pleasant smell of food lingering from Tuttons Bar and Brasserie, along with all the other restaurants located on Russell Street.

Divided By Race, United In War and Peace film premiere

On Friday 15th February I had the privilege of attending the Divided by Race, United in War and Peace premiere at the Prince Charles Cinema. This project was created by and conveys the story of Britain’s hidden history concerning West Indian’s participation in the war and their struggle to gain British citizenship after the battle. Produced and managed by Marc Wadsworth, this educating documentary includes a series of interviews with veterans who participated in the war themselves, as well as members of the charity WASP (West Indian Association of Service personnel).

How to become a superhero and rise to success

Hey there, I love the Dark Knight Trilogy. I’m sure, if you have seen them, you like them too. If you haven’t, then let me fill you in on them a little. In the Dark Knight Trilogy, Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) suffered a lot from what you and I and many others do in life. What's that?

How do you express anger? Part 2

Anger experts report that anger develops more often within marriages and families than anywhere else. The second most common place for episodes of anger is the work place. Did you need an expert to tell you that? While you may not need experts to tell you when and where you are angry, a little help in understanding how to deal with this powerful emotion can be helpful.

Last week I discussed BLOW OUT and STRIKE OUT as two ways people deal with anger. This week I’ll talk about three more ways people deal with anger.

Artistry of German filmmaker Ulli Lommel

At some stage in their career, many actors decide to try their hand at directing. Often the reasoning behind this move is that as actors, they get to share their own vision with film audiences instead of having to be the tools to portray what someone else thinks. One actor who has made the move and is now better known as a director is Ulli Lommel.