Guest houses on Seven Divine Hills

The ‘Seven Divine Hills’ known as Tirumalai Hills, in the South Indian State of Andha Pradesh are the abode of Lord Sri Vemkateswara Swamy, (‘Vem’ means Sins, ‘Kata’ means destroyer, and ‘Eswara’ means God) the richest temple of the world, visited by not less than 50,000 piligrims every day and on holidays the number would exceed 100,000.

Californian landscape photography

Many people use California landscape photography for making pictures that represent nature. Even if people could be part of an image, the primary focusing is not on them. For becoming experts in the field people may have to attend specific art courses. There are three particular picture styles: abstract, impressionistic and representational.

Guinea pigs have no problems

My granddaughter has a guinea pig. Recently I spent several minutes looking at and talking with her about the little creature. He has a very soft furry coat, a cute little nose, and he doesn’t mind if you hold him. He has quite a lovely cage with a variety of things to play with. He even has a little house he can go into when the stresses of life become so great he needs a place of escape.

“What does he do all day?” I asked her.

“I don’t think he does anything. He mostly just eats and sleeps.”

“Sounds like a pretty good life to me!” I said.

Kiev and the magnificence of old Europe

Kiev is old and rich in historical significance. It emerged in the 5th century A. D as a large settlement for people of Slavic descent, and rose to prominence in the tenth century as Kievan Rus, a vast capital of stunning proportions. As a city, It's seen it's fair share of peaks and troughs through out the centuries. It fell from glory in the thirteenth century when it was invaded by the Mongolians. It was also annexed by the Russian Empire five hundred years later, and after that, absorbed into the Soviet Bloc until the early nineties.

Joint war operations of ‘Five divine devils’

Mother Nature has convened a meeting of “Pancha bhootas” (‘Pancha means Five, ‘Bhootas’ means Forces) or ‘Five Divine Forces’ viz., Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Sky Atmosphere to analyse the damage caused to them by the human beings so far, despite umpteen warnings earlier to human beings.

Zoom to your zenith

This is the last of a series of columns originally titled “Prepare for the Boom.”  When I began the series almost a year ago I was anticipating an economic boom that I thought would naturally follow the bust of the last few years. I posited that those who were the best prepared for the break upward would receive the greatest benefits from the boom. That’s why each week I wrote about things you and I need to do to be ready when the bust turns into boom.

Sandy and Neelam are nature's war game

Now it is crystal clear that Nature is getting ready to do large scale war on the human beings, unable to bear the atrocities of mankind on the ‘Mother Nature’ and ‘Mother Earth’, any more, as the Five Divine Devils i.e. ‘Pancha Bhootas’ i.e. Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Sky atmosphere (‘Pancha means Five, ‘Bhootas’ means Forces) are feeling that the human beings have considerably caused harm and harassed them.

Warning of ‘five divine devils’ to humans

The Five ‘Divine Devils’ as per Hindu mythology are called as‘Pancha Bhootas’ i.e. Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Sky atmosphere (‘Pancha means Five, ‘Bhootas’ means Forces) are now getting angery to declare war on the human beings and on their dangerous activities around the world. Since the period of Industrialiasation man had declared war on the ‘Five Divine Devils’ and humans have done several atrocities on the Five Divine Forces and on the ‘Mother Earth’ for their selfish ends.

Amazing Burning Spear records

Rocking reggae is the very soul of the iconic legend that is the man in question here. AKA Winston Rodney, he's among Jamaica's finest, mentioned in the same breath as Bob Marley. In fact, it was Marley who steered him into recording. Burning Spear records are genuine collectors items for discerning Rasta reggae connoisseurs to love and hold. Often hard to find, they regularly fetch some big prices: so take your time shopping around.

Develop your decision making skills

“I’m divorcing my second wife,” a friend told me recently. Before I could even respond, he said sorrowfully, “You know what Dr. Ross? I should never have divorced my first one.”

In the area of bad decisions, my friend is not alone. Several years ago my wife and I were living in a city we didn’t like, doing a job we despised, in the company of people we didn’t enjoy. Many times during the three long years we were there my wife would whimper, “How did we ever end up here?”