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Newspapers are complacent and defeatest

Labour slam Tory MEP's stinging NHS attack

Mayor says Capitalism 'unsmashed'

What are Twitter hashtags?

JuryTeam attack banner on Home secretary

Hack given runaround by crazed bull

A runaway bull that was due for slaughter gave a Stevenage hack the runaround this week. Richard Young, of The Comet, dashed out with a video camera to try and catch the action of the crazed animal that had been running amok through streets and down major roads. He finally caught up with the black beast, but was then ordered by police to leave, but Young was determined grab the bull by the horns and get his scoop, so ignored their orders and went back to get some more footage - only to find officers had shot it.

Bet Eric is not a happy Pickle

How to get a following on twitter

If you have an account with the microblogging network Twitter then one way of getting more followers is to not spend all your time on there.

Who has been claiming what?

MPs are to get a 2.33% pay rise from the beginning of next month, upping their pay from  £63k to just over  £64k. The pay rise comes despite numerous expenses stories - including the current scandal involving the Home secretary Jacqui Smith, whose husband claimed for a television package relating to two adult pay per view films, which he was then forced to pay back to hard pressed British working taxpayers. If you want to find out what your MP has claimed between March 2007 - 2008, visit here.

How much to study Facebook and Twitter?

 £4, 400 pounds for an MA in social media from Birmingham City University?