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Action speaks louder than words

++++++++++++++++++++TORY MP JOHN BERCOW ELECTED SPEAKER+++++++++++++++++++++ Traditionally dragged to the chair as the 157th Speaker elect. He said he would serve the office honourably and faithfully and would cast aside his past political views.

Can we handle the truth?

WEDNESDAY, our elected representatives will vote on whether the Iraq inquiry should be made public instead of private. Gordon Brown has been receiving intense pressure to do a u-turn on the issue, something that our dithering PM has been good at in his time as Chancellor and PM. The guys and girls from the political campaigns website 38degrees, will be vigorously campaigning in the next few days to try to persuade wavering MPs to do the right thing and make the Iraq inquiry fully public.

So who's going to be new Speaker?

Lord Butler slams Iraq inquiry secrecy

++++++++++++++++++++LORD BUTLER ACCUSES GOV OF PUTTING POLITICAL INTEREST BEFORE NATIONAL INTEREST OVER NEW IRAQ INQUIRY+++++++++++++++++ Lord Butler, who headed one of the many inquiries into the Iraq War under Tony Blair, has slammed Gordon Brown's current decision to hold yet another inquiry into the war in private. The former Cabinet Secretary will argue there should be a public element to the inquiry.

News Blackout

+++++++++++++++MPS EXPENSES PUBLISHED: IN BLACK, AND A SHADE OF WHITE++++++++++++++++++++++ Full details in alphabetical order of our troughing MPs' allowances are HERE, if you can read it that is.

Does footy matter much to you?

HERE'S a great opportunity for all those footy fans out there, who just happen to be budding journalists and writers as well. The guys at Footymatters are on the lookout for contributors for their site to write on all things about football. How important is the beautiful game to you? They say on the ad on Gorkana that people can write about anything as long as it's footie related. News, features, interviews, and results info. Shame the seasons over.

Blogging Series Part Three: Traffic Building

This is Part Three in the series of posts I have been offered to write all this week for the newly created blog for journalists Fleetstreetblues. Building up traffic and subscribers When you have first set up your blog, have a topic for the content, managed to get a neat template, (paid or unpaid) and have a short but catchy domain name, it stands to reason you will only have one loyal reader, YOU.

Calm down dear, it's only a twit

You can just imagine Michael Winner's response to this piece of news, can't you? According to British insurance company Esure, of 1000 people polled, one in ten said they had been 'twittering' whilst driving - causing accidents. That's not as bad as what I encountered from Taxi drivers in Romania, when some had a fag in one hand, and a mobile in the other, especially swerving to avoid potholes.

Sign up and help hold our MPs to account

WEDNESDAY sees the guys at 38 degrees deliver their recall law call to party leaders where people would be able to sack an MP who frankly takes the mickey at the expense of the British hardworking taxpayer. They have campaigned tirelessly for this recall call, where they will be delivering the petition to Nick Clegg, David Cameron and Gordon Brown this week.
"Can you think of another job where once you've been hired, the people who've hired you can't touch you for up to five years, no matter what you've done?, they write." That's a simple answer.