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How to become a superhero and rise to success

Hey there, I love the Dark Knight Trilogy. I’m sure, if you have seen them, you like them too. If you haven’t, then let me fill you in on them a little. In the Dark Knight Trilogy, Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) suffered a lot from what you and I and many others do in life. What's that?

How to get back with your ex

Valentine’s Day looms again, and it’s that time of year where lonely singles drown their sorrows either craving hardcore romance, or are desperate to rekindle an old flame. If you were once happy in a relationship that failed, but are pining for that lost romance and passion with him or her, then now’s a good a time as any to consider to get back together with your ex boyfriend or girlfriend. Maybe your ex boyfriend or girlfriend is yearning for the same thing?

Avoid writer's block and be your best

Want to know how to avoid writers block? Every writer suffers the occasional writers block and wakes up one day thinking, just what can I write today? Sometimes writers tend to think too hard about what to write instead of just getting down and writing something. Let me give you an example. HOW TO AVOID WRITERS BLOCK TIP 1: JUST WRITE! Last weekend, I was researching keywords for articles, and I had chosen my keyword but wasn't sure whether I had enough to write an article on that keyword.

Joys of video marketing

In the era of technological advancement, where mobile devices outweigh PCs 4:1, it is important that your business keeps up to speed with the latest marketing tools – this is a major reason already why video marketing is important for you in 2013 and beyond. If you are a local business, and haven't yet implemented a key video marketing campaign, then now's the time to stop procrastinating and start. Video marketing is not difficult to do, and can really skyrocket your business if done properly. So why is video marketing so important if you run a local business?

Playing hard to get with women

Can you land a hot date and play hard to get with women? In the mainstream dating game, dating coaches and pick up artists are always sending out mixed messages to guys on whether playing hard to get with a girl is the right way to attract her. Ask a woman in public, and she will probably say that she doesn’t like a man playing hard to get.

Article marketing tips

Whether you are in the journalism business of gathering news, or the article marketing business of writing how to's, or, in the copywriting business of trying to sell products or services, they all have one thing in common. They are trying to persuade you to take action with something. There is one key reason why so many writers, copywriters, journalists fail to get their articles read, and that is because of this. They fail to write a catchy title that the reader will click on to read. Also, they fail to optimise their post for SEO.

Why UK men date Russians

MANY western men are now flocking to online international dating sites to date Russian women.

Why the Leveson Report Recommendations have Screwed Politicians and Media

Why the Lord Justice Leveson Report Recommendations Have Screwed Politicians and the Media The Lord Justice

Every budding journalist will want one

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Exam system is failing our children

At the moment, GCSE’s are in a mess. Why? Simple: Because the teenage exam system has now become a one size fits all system, where, even employers are struggling to pick the right candidates because teenagers all leave school with more or less the same grades. A’s or A* have become the norm.