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Would sex dolls help stop rape?

Rape crime is one of the most grilling problems in several underdeveloped and develping nations for various reasons contributed by their respective public and governments as well.

Does India need tough electoral reforms?

Political Party Manifestos in India have no legally binding nature. Promising glittering future for the middle and poor class people during election campaigns and adopting the policies that draw severe public protest, after getting elected has become routine habit for political parties in the country.

Law must deal with India's rape accused

Notwithstanding the public impulse and unbridled mass uproar demanding lynching of the rape accused in the sensational Delhi Rape case, by stating that ‘a swift-trial for Rape accused should not be at the cost of a fair trial and can not overwhelm the due process of law’, the Chief Justice of Republic of India Lord Justice Altmas Kabir has acquired the image of Judge of international standards, like Lord Justice Leveson of U.K and Justice Markendeya Katju who are known for their outspokenness within the Judicial ambit.

Dooms day 21/12/2012 won't happen

Every day is a dooms day for one or the other somewhere in the world, with no exception on the basis of caste, creed, religion or region. But, no Pundit, either scientific or mythological, in this world is able to predict accurately the Common Dooms Day for the mankind. The 21/12/2012 Dooms Day is the chaos created by the ‘Mayan’ Calender counting that began in 3114 BC that will end on 21/12/2012 with the end of 13 baktuns i.e.

Agony of weeping flowers

A great South Indian Poet ‘Karunasree’ Jandhyala Pappayya Sastry esq., one fine day morning went to garden to get flowers to offer them to God. When he tried to cut some flowers – the flowers started weeping and questioned with pitiable voice ‘do you cut our throats’. Then the Poet’s heart got watered down and his mind disturbed on looking at the weeping flowers. At those moments great poetry ‘Pushpa Vilapam’ (Agony of weeping Flowers) begotten from the pen of ‘Karunasree’ in Telugu language.

The flowers questioned the Poet:-

Guest houses on Seven Divine Hills

The ‘Seven Divine Hills’ known as Tirumalai Hills, in the South Indian State of Andha Pradesh are the abode of Lord Sri Vemkateswara Swamy, (‘Vem’ means Sins, ‘Kata’ means destroyer, and ‘Eswara’ means God) the richest temple of the world, visited by not less than 50,000 piligrims every day and on holidays the number would exceed 100,000.

Joint war operations of ‘Five divine devils’

Mother Nature has convened a meeting of “Pancha bhootas” (‘Pancha means Five, ‘Bhootas’ means Forces) or ‘Five Divine Forces’ viz., Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Sky Atmosphere to analyse the damage caused to them by the human beings so far, despite umpteen warnings earlier to human beings.

Sandy and Neelam are nature's war game

Now it is crystal clear that Nature is getting ready to do large scale war on the human beings, unable to bear the atrocities of mankind on the ‘Mother Nature’ and ‘Mother Earth’, any more, as the Five Divine Devils i.e. ‘Pancha Bhootas’ i.e. Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Sky atmosphere (‘Pancha means Five, ‘Bhootas’ means Forces) are feeling that the human beings have considerably caused harm and harassed them.

Warning of ‘five divine devils’ to humans

The Five ‘Divine Devils’ as per Hindu mythology are called as‘Pancha Bhootas’ i.e. Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Sky atmosphere (‘Pancha means Five, ‘Bhootas’ means Forces) are now getting angery to declare war on the human beings and on their dangerous activities around the world. Since the period of Industrialiasation man had declared war on the ‘Five Divine Devils’ and humans have done several atrocities on the Five Divine Forces and on the ‘Mother Earth’ for their selfish ends.

Statue was of ‘Vaisravana’ not of ‘Buddha’

In the last week of September 2012 the Associated Press, BBC reports published in different sites and News Papers on the ancient Buddhist statue weighing about 10.6 kilograms and 9 inches height that the Nazi’s Great Schaefer expediton found at Chinese-Tibetan boarder in 1938 stated to be manufactured with that of meteorite element and other details revealed by Dr.Elmar Buchner of University of Stuttgart were rather confusing, as they have related the statue to Buddhism – probably for not having sufficient information on the “Indian Sanatana Dharma” or Ancient (Hindu) Vedic culture” and it