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US right-wing’s 12 Years a Slave movie backlash

Within American society, there is a segment that avoids viewing the society through a lens that does not provide a comforting and disconnected view of American history and how it came into existence. This reality is no more evident than when one listens to right-wing talk radio or read commentary from those that shape that minority opinion or comments originating from their listeners and readers themselves. This segment has been highly agitated of late with the attention given films addressing America’s birth defect, chattel slavery.

A symbol of racist heritage: the Confederate flag

There are among those of us that reside in the United States those who consciously avoid expanding their knowledge base with information and lessons provided by history. They live their lives via bullet points and sound bites, both of which rarely flesh out any provided subject matter in a way that would aid those individuals that have read or heard the bullet points and sound bites. Many of these citizens, when confronted with facts, retreat into their comfortable corner of denial.

Historical Context Regarding the Juneteenth Celebration in the US

On June 19, 1865, Union Major-General Gordon Granger rode into Galveston, Texas and read General Orders No.3 to the people assembled in the town.

General Orders No. 3 stated:

Cliven Bundy: US Tax Dodger Hailed as US Right Wing Hero

For several weeks, Cliven Bundy, US Nevada cattle rancher, has occupied the Right Wing radio airwaves, the press, in print and electronic venues, as well as on network and cable news since his elevation to cause célèbre status among the conservative Right Wing of the Republican Party and the Fox Channel.