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My book is out

Hello guys, here's a good news I am going to share with my "extended family" here in The-Latest! 


My research thesis on "Media Coverage of Environmantal Issue" got published as a book!

You can buy it here, if you wish!

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India's Gorbachev

An iconic incident happened in Bengal yesterday. The World's longest serving, "democratically" elected Communist government since 1977, lost in vote, and was routed in Bengal. 

Some unanswered questions

Not many in the west know about Purulia Arms Drop case. Atleast not many from of the younger generations. This happened at a time when people still used maps, (no GPS) and internet and mobile phones were not as common. An odd hamlet in Bengal, it was the centre of drama almost 20 years back, and still now remains the epicenter of a still unsolved international conspiracy, which includes the British secret service, the Indian spy agencies, and possibly both the governments. 

India's comic revolution

Last week, when the World was busy with Libya, Japan and in general, problems facing humanity, India was seeing its first social media revolution. The air was thick with speculation, when a fast unto death by Anna Hazare, India's grand old gandhian, against corruption, started to draw crowd like moths to fire. The 24/7 mainstream news media rabidly frothing at their mouthpiece, debaters on the roadside abusing their larynx...the news papers of Pakistan and Bangladesh writing pages after pages of op-eds on how India might show the door of a social revolution.

Balochistan's tragedy

How many of us know about Ms. Zarina Marri? A Baloch teacher, who was taken by Pakistani army, raped repeatedly, and used as a sex slave to induce Baloch nationalist freedom fighters. She was never heard of again.

Libyan war: Going badly for the West as predicted

Sumantra Maitra

A few days back, just when the Libya War started, I wrote an article here on The-Latest, where I said that this bombing campaign might be disastrous for the West, and for the world in the long run. There is a serious risk of being on the same side with Al Qaeda...

Another war by the West that will kill civilians

Sumantra Maitra

Another war looms. Just two days back, my op-ed came out in the Washington Examiner, where I said why it would be unwise to for any country to intervene in Libya.

The hypocrisy of mid-day tabloid.

Mid Day : The “fearless” journalists who write against barabaric censorship of political parties.


Death and Destruction in Algerian Bold

Growing up seeing a band in their formative years is never easy. You know them, see them making mistakes, listen to their hitherto uncharted riffs in the countless jam sessions…and the smoke affects all, clouding your sanity.

In between I parted company, different priorities. So when I got the EP of the debut album “Death Destruction Sermon” of the Metalcore act from Calcutta (yea, I still call it Calcutta) Chronic Xorn, I was sceptical, to say the least.

Time to look back...

England won Ashes. Congrats to them! Frankly speaking, I was kindof expecting this result, given their slow and gradually confident rise to dominance in various field of Cricket, the last few Ashes, the World Twenty 20, etc…and coming from India, a country with almost 200 years of direct colonial legacy, we are  supporters of England in Football. (The Goanese people however support Portugal, and Bengalies divided between Brazil and Argentina, with me an outcast among proud Calcuttans, for the incongruity of supporting Germany and England together, whoever perform better!