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Deals of Indian leftists leave the country red-faced

Sumantra Maitra - Kolkata, India
The mega election masala has ended. Projections and exit polls indicate a hung parliament and coalition government. We all know what a coalition goverment in India trading and back office lobbying which starts right after the final phase of elections in the corridors of power and continues till the single largest party is called for a house show.

A "dry" election week...

        Of all the news coming about elections, this was the least expected, and welcomed...I was out last evening, with my friend, a sales executive. The Nor'wester and the rains that swept across Kolkata, and the outskirts, was a relief to many a boiled soul...and kindled inside us a hope of an evening out in some local pub. I also thought of doing a multitasking act, to collect some data, while having a pint. What was awating us, were grim-russian faced security men, and gatekeepers in front of pubs, giving us one of the most dreaded news of all time..."not available".

A classic re-visited...

I was doing a case study in my Mass-Communication class, when I came upon an old 1957 movie named "12 angry men". Who would have thought that a monochromatic film about a spanish boy accused of murder, and the dilemma of the Jury could be such an experience?

Wake up, Uncle Sam...

All these years people wondered, where did the Talibans go? Their caves were smoked out, their houses burnt, their communication and millitary destroyed, their cities liberated, but they were not found. Where did they vanish then? The answer came like a shock to the people of the world, with the peace deal between the Taliban and Pakistani govt.

"Journalism has to balance its commercial impulse..." : Tejpal.


Tale of two leaders...

Sorry, for being late with my weekly sarcastic grumbles this time. Work pressure, field trips, aided by my allergic rashes. Anyways, over the weekend, two interesting developments were noted across the world. Apparently North Korea, kicked some bourgeous "****" by trying to catapult it's first dumb rocket across the sea, over Japan, to space.

British Airways bids adieu to it's erstwhile colonial capital Calcutta...

THE LAST flight of British Airways (BA) would take off from Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport, Kolkata, on Sunday (March 29). The last arrival of BA would be at 1.15am on March 29 and the same would depart at 5.05am tomorrow. With this, the city would lose one major international air link.

April Fools Day Quotes

Sumantra Maitra
Here are some famous sayings that capture the spirit of human folly and April Fools Day for The-Latest readers.

Consumer rights in India

Another Consumer's rights day, came and

Ryanair introduces pee fee

I assure you at the very beginning, that this has got nothing to do with the Broadway musical called UrineTown. Irish airline Ryanair has formulated a terrific plan of fighting away the economic crisis, by charging passengers for using the toilet while flying.