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After Carnival remember Grenfell

By sun-up next Tuesday our attention must shift from Carnival "Play Mas" to the drama that unfolded in the sky.

The Grenfell tragedy in June cast harsh light on London's dwindling low-income housing.

Failed investment is the culprit.

Westminster attacker falsely named by Channel 4 News

What a monumental and damaging breach of journalist ethics. Simon Israel, Channel 4's senior home affairs correspondent, failed to double check his informant's claims. Black British Islam convert,  Abu Izzadeen/ born Trevor Brooks of Jamaican Christian parents, was falsely named for the terrifying attack in Westminster, the broadcaster has admitted.

Brexit- Weak pound benefits Notting Hill Carnival and tourists

Notting Hill Carnival, the UK’s biggest street festival and prime target for European tourists, could benefit from post-Brexit currency exchange rates. 

Now in its 52nd year, the festival draws over two million people to the streets on August bank holiday.  The bad news is masqueraders and events are not ticketed. Hence, cash-strapped organisers must generate income to meet the growing 40,000 volunteers and steward’s bill, and massive police security costs.

Brexit? Fix it!

Post Brexit Black Londoners and minorities face three key game-changing challenges:

  • How to resist the politics of hate against diversity and immigrants? 
  • How to rebuild a damaged economy with opportunity for all?
  • How to organise a civil rights movement for racial justice and equality?

Only this will banish the terrors of disadvantage, the low status and esteem, and the Brexit curses “we voted you Blacks, Muslims and foreigners out”.

Oh, Golly! This is 'no joke' say Black leaders

Thomas L Blair

The furore over a BBC radio reporter  "dissing" a Black international tennis player as a  "gollywog" is about more than a casual remark because the Victorian caricature has a tainted history and harmful effects.

In addition  "When casualised racism is allowed to flourish, you create a culture where more virulent strains of racism can thrive", says broadcaster, writer and political campaigner Oona King.

Deaths expose France's hidden racism

Thomas L Blair - Online columnist

Two Black teenagers dead on the streets. Paris suburbs put on fire with Molotov cocktails. Residents accuse the President's office in the Elysee Palace of political neglect.