A Blonde James Bond?

Deborah Hobson

He is the iconic British spy role in Tinsel Town but a resounding sixty five per cent of The-Latest.Com voters do not believe James Bond should be blonde.

But almost a third of people in our poll did not care a hoot about the colour of his hair. New James Bond star Daniel Craig is fair-haired. Author of the world famous spy thriller, Ian Fleming, who wrote the book in Jamaica, said his hero had a 'full head of black hair'.

Much more seriously, Iraq is the next most controversial subject. A stunning 85 per cent of The-Latest voters say the US should withdraw its troops. On another political topic, the British national press may be howling for Charles Kennedy's head on a platter but the besieged Lib-Dem party leader will be comforted by a survey of our website members. Seventy per cent of them say he should stay. But prime minister Tony Blair can take no comfort from the 50 per cent of The-Latest.Comers who hate him. Just 12.5 per cent said he was 'doing the best he can'.