Bloody Unacceptable Delay

Mural of Bloody Sunday Dead
Murdered Innocents Mural

Patsy O'Donnell, 74, died in Londonderry, Northern Ireland, last week, 34 years after being shot by British paratroopers on 'Bloody Sunday'. It was also five years since he had given evidence to High Court Judge Lord Saville's inquiry into events on January 30 1972, where lawyers for the soldiers accepted that O'Donnell had done nothing to provoke the shooting.


He is the fifth of  the14 men who were wounded by gunfire to die. Yet, according to Lord Savile, drafted in by Tony Blair's government to head the long-overdue probe, it is 'not possible at this stage to give any firm estimate of when the report is likely to be finished'. Thirteen people were killed by the paratroopers in the most notorious outrage of the 'Troubles'. Surely, the long-awaited report into the July 2005 fatal shooting in London by Met Police of Jean Charles de Menezes won't take as much time to surface. Or the much-trumpeted (by Express group newspapers at least) official British investigation into the Princess Diana crash in 1997.