Boobs galore in the top models Tv household

Annaliese Dayes - Britain's Next Top Model contestant

So we've moved into our luxurious accommodation at last …well it's a bit more than that. The place is a glorious mansion. And there's a tantalising nude photo-shoot.

I have never stayed in such an amazing house and I'm so happy with my choice of room and the fact that I'm sharing it with Lisa-Ann and no one else. But I'm not here for a holiday. Now it's time to get to work with our first challenge. Wearing elaborate, gorgeous Elizabeth Emanuel (she of the Princess Diana wedding dress) haute couture clothes on the Millennium bridge was fantastic.

I do have to say that I really enjoyed the attention we got on the bridge, but kissing that male model was not my highlight. I just remember thinking that I was number 10, therefore nine other girls had their tongue in this model's mouth ….eewwwww!  

But I did the deed with no complaints, which I'm proud of, although I probably could have done better in delivering the line, which they didn't show, thank God. After the challenge we were whisked back to the house, where there was a surprise waiting for us. It was Miss Jay Alexander, the catwalk trainer most known for his judging on America's Next Top Model.

It was very daunting walking in front of Miss Jay, he/she is definitely not someone who is afraid to give his true opinion no matter how embarrassing it is for you.   I think it's also the way he/she gives you the comments with lashings of American humour and all you can do is take the waspish words and learn from them. I truly love doing catwalk despite not being as tall as a giraffe and I hope that this session with Miss Jay has helped me tweak those little things about my walk that I could improve on.

Host Lisa Snowdon told us what we should expect out of the next day. Once she revealed the thongs we all knew immediately that it was time to take our kit of already! Ridiculously early the next morning we arrived at the studio and were met by our photographer and were given the brief; to look gorgeous, fresh and relaxed in a tub full of mangos for the skincare range, Simple.

Now this sounds a lot easier than it was in practice. First I had to get used to the idea of being nude with so many people around. And, after that was out the way, I had to focus on the shoot itself. Just before getting into the tub I remember standing at the side while the make-up artists greased me up. Yes, that's right, standing there practically naked with people rubbing cream all over me and I thought, ok,   Annaliese, it's time to focus.

Fortunately, the water in the tub was nice and warm and the shoot started quite static, with me covering up the boobies and trying to feel mango fresh. The photographer, Christopher Bistle, was amazing. He talked a lot and got me really excited and pumped up for the shot.

Then he asked me to just have fun and go for it. I think he could tell that I was holding back because I really wanted to just swoosh around in this tub and I did. Definitely fun. But I couldn't show the camera that my neck was killing me because of the awkward position I was in.

After the ordeal, it was back home for a nice long rest and to hear the news that one of us would be leaving the competition tomorrow. I think Sophie was most worried just because she had a hard time on the shoot, but the thing is you never know what will happen on a reality show like this. I don't think I will ever get used to elimination; it's definitely one of the scariest, tensest situations I have ever been in. Thankfully the judges liked my picture this week. But, trust me, I don't think it will always be that way. Lisa-Ann was sent home and I've lost a room-mate.

Next week is going to be very interesting. I have a bit of a hissy fit and look like the devil has possessed me, when I slam a door. I'm really not looking forward to seeing it, but everyone has a tantrum now and again. I guess the only difference is that they just don't have to re-live it by watching back on Tv.

I'm very aware that I will probably look like I am totally over-reacting. But that is Tv for you. So at least if your not a fan of the show take a look next week just for the drama. Oh, and there is also some girl on girl kissing action that I know should be very interesting too.

So tune into Living TV Monday at 9pm and I promise that will I wear more make-up (and clothes) when I'm being interviewed.

* Annaliese Dayes is a final year broadcast student at the University of Westminster in London UK.