Brexit? Fix it!

Post Brexit Black Londoners and minorities face three key game-changing challenges:

  • How to resist the politics of hate against diversity and immigrants? 
  • How to rebuild a damaged economy with opportunity for all?
  • How to organise a civil rights movement for racial justice and equality?

Only this will banish the terrors of disadvantage, the low status and esteem, and the Brexit curses “we voted you Blacks, Muslims and foreigners out”.

It is widely acknowledged that Black Londoners were in the vanguard of the city’s vote to remain in the European Union. 

Hence, they should stand proud against the fear and hatred of strangers or foreigners that destroys urban democracy.
They are the metro-citizens shaping the new 21st century British culture and character. Dismantling the imperial version, that is the Black Londoners task post-Brexit.

*Thomas L Blair is an award-winning journalist, author and sociologist. He writes features for and is well-known for his Chronicleworld weblog .  His Black London eMonograph series titles are free from his website Editions Blair .