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If you've got an internet website, then chances are you will benefit from getting your existing website optimised for a mobile device. The benefit of this is that you can reach new customers on the move by advertising your mobile site in the mobile advertising networks at the fraction of the cost you would use in a normal pay per click campaign such as Google Adwords, or Facebook Ads. Going mobile in 2011 and beyond will be the best thing you can do right now for your business.  

Here's a VIDEO showing you what your existing website will like on a mobile phone....

Google, and the high profile companies, are now focusing on mobile first, web second.


The most important thing to remember when building a mobile site is that you should refrain from using flashy gimmicks that you would normally see on a internet site. Content is king on mobiles.

In terms of what you should have on a mobile site - you should have these: 1) Contact details - with a contact form so that you can follow up customers via email

2) A simple About Us page that describes your business and its services

3) Testimonials from happy customers

4) A link to your Twitter or Facebook page.

5) Your logo should be as small as possible, preferably 260w by 110h You should also have a mobile redirect script on your existing internet website which will detect whether people are reading your content on a mobile device. They will be redirected to your mobile site when that happens either automatically, or, with a simple CALL TO ACTION.

If you are using video - then you may have to be careful which types of video you use. On some phones iframe videos may not show up. Most on the iphone will though. You do not necessarily need domain name - you could use and create a sub domain of your existing internet website and use the to show that it is a mobile version of your main website.

The only remaining thing to do with your mobile website is to submit it to mobile website directories, and to occasionally update the content if needed. There are no special coding skills you really need to know, although if you have basic HTML, JAVASCRIPT and PHP knowledge that will go a long long way. Going mobile for your business is essential if you are to compete in the 21st Century jungle.

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