Busta's Back With A Bang

Scott Hammond

There are very few albums that can be classed as classics. The Fugees The Score is one of them. Illmatic by Nas is also regarded by many as an instant classic. But the seventh cut from Busta Rhymes has to rank among one of the best albums of the last ten years.

Firstly, this seems to be different from anything he has done before this, but still keeps the same trademarked vocals. The opening track on the album, entitled Get You Some is a collaboration with Q-Tip, and Marsha of Floetry. This is a fantastic track, with a great beat, and Marsha brings a new dynamic to the track. She did a fantastic job on her track featured on the Game’s Documentary album entitled Start From Scratch and she has carried that style into this album.

With every decent album, there has to be the club banger, and that is accomplished on this album with the hugely successful Touch It. The only bad thing is that the track is the original and not the remix featuring the likes of DMX, Papoose and Mary J Blige.

Another fantastic track that gets two thumbs up is I Love My Bitch featuring Kelis and Will.i.am. The chorus can get slightly repetitive but its definitely something that you would get up and dance to in a club.

There are also a lot of musical influences in this album which makes every song very unique. For example, track number three How We Do It Over Here featuring Missy Elliot incorporates her blend of unique hip hop into this record.

Another song that does that so perfectly is Don’t Get Carried Away featuring Nas. This track was produced by world renowned rapper Dr Dre and has a real West coast gangster rap feel to it, much like a lot of Eminem’s works.

This is truly a great album with so many positives. The guest appearances by some of hip hops biggest names makes this album a must have. The thing that you will find more refreshing than anything is the unique blends of different genres mixed into this album, which keep the record staying fresh from track one, all the way to track fifteen.

My Rating:: 4/5