Cameron gets dressing down from Speaker

It was like an overcrowded creche with a group of rowdy, jeery and disobedient babies. Prime Ministers Question Time today was mired in controversy as the feisty Tory Leader David Cameron was given a dressing down for taunting the Prime Minister about who should be the next leader of the Labour Party. Michael Martin, the Commons speaker threatened to adjourn the session as rowdy MP's were sucked into the theatrics of Punch n' Judy politics. Cameron, who started the day taunting the PM Tony Blair about the NHS was slapped on the wrist for asking private questions about the Labour Party leadership. Tony Blair managed to dodge the questions surrounding the problems with the NHS, as Mr Punch tried desperately to hammer away at the government's record and flawed vision of the health service. Cameron said: 'Who should be the next Prime Minister of the country?' To which Blair cunningly referred to the outstanding record of the Chancellor Gordon Brown, almost endorsing him as the next man to lead Britain. AS usual Lib Dem leader Sir Menzies Campbell slided away from the Punch n' Judy theatrics and asked a balanced question about when their would be an inquiry into the Iraq war. The PM was in no mood to enter into Iraq business, but stuck to his guns surrounding the legitimacy of the war and the job that coalition forces were doing in Iraq. Sir Menzies cited Des Browne's slip of the tongue's comments yesterday when the Defence Secretary said: 'Ofcourse there will be an inquiry into the legality of the Iraq War.' A score draw this week from both teams, as neither Cameron or Blair managed to outwit the other in this session of PMQ's.