Cameron: 'Send Blair back to jail'

Punch n' Judy politics is back with a bang it seems. Cameron's softly softly approach to Prime Minister's Question Time has fallen by the wayside as the young pretender decided to batter Blair with blow after blow of jests and jibes. The feisty Tory Leader collared Blair over the shambles in the prison system, and the need for there to be a climate change bill in the Queen's speech. He suggested that the PM was on 'another planet,' and said, 'maybe we should send the Prime Minister back to jail.' Cameron also claimed that the system was in 'meltdown.' But Blair, a hefty performer battled the Tory would-be Prime Minister with a fresh gusto. He refered to an important National Audit Office report which claims 'considerable improvements' have been made in the system. The re juvenated PM also claimed that Cameron 'talks tough, and votes soft,' when it comes to key policy issues. A rowdy Commons chamber was in for a treat as Cameron rattled Blair on whether the Chancellor being in charge of the prison system was a good idea. He said: 'It doesnt matter who is in charge, Blair/Brown Brown/Blair, this country is not safe under Labour. Veteran leader Sir Menzies Cambell QC was in fine fettle today as he rattled Blair on the special relationship Britain has with America and referred to extradition of the US soldiers who shot ITN news reporter Terry Lloyd. Blair offered his sympathies with the Lloyd family, but dodged the main issue as Sir Menzies said that would not be great comfort to Mr Lloyd's family. He then suggested that the extradition process was a 'fast track process that goes only one way.' In other developments Blair said that to leave Iraq would be a 'betrayal' of what they set out to do in the country. Chameleon Dave managed to go green again as Blair flatly refused to offer any promises of a climate change bill in the Queen's speech. Drama a plenty in this edition of the popular TV soap opera that is the House of Commons. We expect more of the same for the weeks ahead. Coming up in the next episode. Blair's feast of legislation expected to tickle the tastebuds of any mouth watering Labour connoseur. Expect a grilling from Mr Punch at the next PMQ's. And Sir Menzies sticks up for us good old hacks for once