Can God really forgive mindless thuggery?

Isn't it amazing? You go out for the day, (albeit a sombre occasion,) and two or three juicy stories crop up. As it goes, when I was traveling down to Sunny Norfolk for a funeral yesterday, I had the added bonus of being able to follow the breaking news events from the comfort of a 4*4 , a small one that is). And no, it isn't a gas guzzler. That brings me to the first point, Network Rail have proposed a new high speed rail link linking the south, to the north. You could be reaching mainstream northern and Scottish towns within two hours, slashed from four - a welcome relief. However, since it took my family and I three and a half hours just to reach the middle of England by car, that news was a welcome relief - assuming this dazzling new high speed rail link is delivered on time, and of course, on budget. Anything that a government decide to set in stone is not without pitfalls - (after all, we've seen what pie in the sky projects can achieve with governments - especially socialist ones (take the Millenium Dome). So what's the cost? a mere £35 billion - but more importantly, is it achievable? And secondly, who's going to be in charge, ie, which private sector company will decide to administer the new link? What will be the cost of the fares - you'll probably need to be a millionaire to live in this country in ten - 15 years time, with all this technological wizardry that is being proposed or invented? These questions and more, I would love to engage in in future debates... Secondly, and it was more or less the talk of the town (where I went to see relations to pay tribute to a dead uncle, and where they live, it isn't exactly brimming with hadcore gossip, except the odd committal of adultery,) they were talking about the hooliganism of Tuesday's Carling Cup fixture which ended in thuggish violence between West Ham and Millwall, (one of the relations, incidentally, was a West Ham fan, and rightly had this to say: "It's been going on for years this thuggish behaviour between them. It did not surprise in the slightest." So there we go. For some, Football and violence are not exactly a big thing when it comes to those two teams - even though it had been hyped up to a frenzy in the British press all of Wednesday. By the way it had been reported, you would have thought this was the very first time those two teams had clashed. On the funeral itself, it was emotional, as you would expect. It made me think of that timeless old question. Why are we here? The person administering the funeral, was quite moving in his assessment of why us mere mortals are on this earth. He said: "In the Christian faith, we tell people that God is not just about trying to further yourself socially or economically, it is about trying to find out the mystery of God." What he meant was that our materialistic and social wealth, should not sidetrack our real reason for being here, to Love oneself, and love ones neighbour. As humans, we are not perfect, but when we pass away - according to Christianity, GOD meets us and forgives our sins and imperfections. I wonder if that GOD will forgive those acts of thuggery from Hammers and Millwall so called fans? It's ideological, I know, but try telling that to the hooligans that were engaging in mindless violence over a game of Football on Tuesday night. He could have been a politician, the way he got his point across regarding faith and religion. So do you believe in the after life, or is it just a load of ideological nonsense, similar to the stuff that comes from politician's mouths from time to time. Former PM Tony Blair loved to try to sell GOD as a fix to all society's problems many a time under his premiership. See Video above.
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