Can we handle the truth?

WEDNESDAY, our elected representatives will vote on whether the Iraq inquiry should be made public instead of private. Gordon Brown has been receiving intense pressure to do a u-turn on the issue, something that our dithering PM has been good at in his time as Chancellor and PM. The guys and girls from the political campaigns website 38degrees, will be vigorously campaigning in the next few days to try to persuade wavering MPs to do the right thing and make the Iraq inquiry fully public. Evidence emerged yesterday that former PM Tony Blair, the man behind the disastrous invasion, is the main figure pushing Brown to keep the inquiry secret, to protect his own reputation. Meanwhile, a vast range of experts, including former senior government and military figures, have now spoken up to say there's no justification for keeping us in the dark, including the government's former cabinet secretary Lord Butler, who also chaired one of several public, but handpicked inquiries into the Iraq War under Blair. Last week, Brown tried to pass the buck by telling the inquiry chairman to choose which bits to make public. Only a genuinely public inquiry will guarantee a proper process of trust. Sign up demand a 'full' public Iraq inquiry, HERE. The public deserve to get to the truth through transparency and complete honesty. Those who attend and give evidence should be made to go on oath.