Caught on camera: police traffic offence that's 'diabolical’

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This police motorcyclist cheekily drives through Chapel Market, Islington, even though it is a one way street. He ploughed ahead without a care in the world, sending people scattering out of the way in the busy street of the north London borough.

As you can hear in the podcast, customers and stall holders alike got very agitated about the incident. One of them angrily stated that it was "absolutely fucking diabolical". While another complained that he just the other day got an £80 fine for driving down the street to offload some stock for his stall. The tradesman brought up an interesting point that when the police do something wrong people are not allowed to say anything just because they are "coppers".

On the Islington Council website it is made clear that the local authority have responsibility for issuing fines to motorists who disobey traffic signs and thereby pose a threat to the safety of pedestrians, cyclists and other highway users.

Also that the council have the power to enforce moving traffic offences under the London Local Authority Act 2003 and by taking these enforcement powers, have the ability to more effectively police accident hot spots and traffic problem areas within the borough. I wonder if that is what this police motorcyclist was doing at the time he committed this traffic offence.  It seems as though there is one rule for the Islington police force and another for everyone else.