Caught on Camera: Shocking Truth About Art Gallery Row

Marc Wadsworth - EXCLUSIVE

Today The-Latest breaks new ground with an extraordinary video which shows the warfare being waged at a publicly funded British community arts centre. This is an example of much-needed citizen journalism - coming at a time when other parts of the news media have been dumbed down and become reliant on 'churnalism' (the lazy reproduction of press releases).

In our short film, the curator of the 198 Contemporary Arts and Learning centre at Brixton, Predrag Padjic, confronts the gallery's director Lucy Davies and trustee Sam Uwadiae who fired him over his allegations of sleaze, reported on camera by me. Openly gay Padjic has accused Davies' husband Audley Campbell, who is employed at the gallery as head of special projects, of aggressive harassment. But Padjic's main concerns centre on what he claims are mismanagement and corruption. And he says he has been scapegoated for whistleblowing Management accuse Padjic of poor treatment of particularly Black women at the gallery and a vendetta against Davies and Campbell - charges he denies.

The row came to a head this month when Davies insisted that the work of controversial Jamaican photographer Peter Dean Rickards, a self-styled media terrorist, be included in the current Crime and Punishment exhibition at the gallery. Homophobe and death threat-making Rickards had been waging a four year long hate campaign against British couple Graham Brown-Martin, his wife Irene and their young daughter

Under pressure from the Brown-Martin family, senior anti-hate crime police, MP Joan Ruddock and gay rights campaigner Peter Tatchell, the gallery's trustees ordered Davies to withdraw Rickards' three photographs.

Because of her friendship with the people who run a Jamaican art gallery which features Rickards' work, Davies wanted them kept in despite the fact that they glamorised guns and caused deep offence to the Brown-Martin family . Take a look at our video which uncovers the truth about this scandalous affair.

The 13-minutes of Tv is both shocking in its raw honesty as well as being a sometimes farcical comedy of damning evidence. Sam Uwadiae, who appears to have taken over line management responsibilities from the chair of the trustees Clarence Thompson, can be seen taking down a damaging notice about Padjic from the door of the 198 gallery at the end of the film. But it is still on the gallery's website and Padjic is talking to lawyers about suing management at the 198 gallery for smearing his good name.

* Camera operator: Deborah Hobson


3 Responses to "Caught on Camera: Shocking Truth About Art Gallery Row"

chris's picture


Thu, 09/18/2008 - 16:32
<p><strong><u>Chris Gaynor</u></strong></p>I have watched the video and applaud the-latest for uncovering this debacle. It seems to me this gallery needs a shake up and appears to be run very badly indeed. I&#39;ve always said that if government is run badly from the top, it filters down the ranks, even to private companies, etc. Exactly what this media in Britain needs more of...exposes like this one...


Thu, 09/18/2008 - 21:42
<p><font style="background-color: #e2e2e2">I was at the gallery several times and | was truly shocked by the people in &quot;charge&quot;!!!</font></p><p><font style="background-color: #e2e2e2">I have met Lucy Davis and her beloved husband Audley ( who is hardly ever there ) but is holding serious position unfamiliar to the rest of the world!!!</font></p><p>I hope that the truth will come out very soon for everyone to see and justice will be served to people who are real artists and care for their work!!!</p><p>Someone should put&nbsp;  a stop to people who are abusing their work place/position and 198 is definitely one of them and in desperate need of being put right!!!</p>