Change is really coming?

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SO is change really on the way to Westminster? Tory backbencher Douglas Carswell thinks so. According to him, his Open Primaries bill (whereby MPs will be elected directly by the people - every constituent across the UK would have a say in who gets to be their elected representative - not just from marginals), that change on the relationship between politicians and the people is just a stone's throw away. When MPs return from their summer breaks ( And let's face it, that's still weeks away) his bill would be introduced to parliament - subject to enough backing.
He wrote on his blog: "Imagine the impact on our politicians? MPs would become far more accountable to local people, rather than party whips, knowing that they faced a properly competitive contest to keep their job every four years. Well, all this could become a reality if enough MPs back my Open Primary Bill."
He added: "Since Expense-gate, not a vast amount has actually changed. Left to those in SW1, a lot of it is business-as-before. My Open Primaries Bill could bring about a quiet revolution right away. Every MP, even in the safest of seats, will need to prove to local people they deserve to remain their representative."
Unfortunately, it's the same old scenario - great mantra, but can it be implemented practically? People like talking about change and greater democracy and accountability, but it's whether some have the will to really push for change and make it happen. There's no excuse though for you having your say if MPs embrace change though!