Choice for 2010 clear, PM claims

PMQs Review: Gordon was on defensive over electoral reform in PMQs today. The Tory leader accused Brown of fixing the voting system to suit him. It's not an outrageous attack to make. "12 years of Labour and not a squeak on electoral reform, and now when the polls are down, suddenly electoral reform is on the agenda, " said Cameron. The detail comes later on when Brown makes a statement. The PM was trotting out the same old mantra. He said that this week was the first week that the Tories had raised questions on policy, although not on the important issues. He claimed the people wanted answers on issues such as health, education and policing. He also attacked the Tories, claiming the Tories would cut public spending, whereas, if Labour won, there would be major investment. Have we not heard this before under a certain Mr Blair? Cameron re-iterated his call for an election and said the Tories support the current electoral system, regardless whether they win, lose or draw. At present, they are a winner, either way.. RATINGS: Gordon Brown = 6 David Cameron = 8 Nick Clegg = 7