Citizen journalism handbook

A tremendous amount of research, writing and editing has gone into this landmark book for citizen journalists being written by the National Association of Citizen Journalists' Ron Ross and Susan Cormier. However, the book is not finished. In fact, it is still undergoing some serious rewrites and additions.

Briefly, Ross writes from his perspective as a former publisher and hyper-local news website owner in need of citizen journalists. Cormier writes from her 28 years of experience in the media arts, including stints as a broadcast writer, legislative bureau chief, city editor and now citizen journalist.

But before the book goes to layout and design, YOUR INPUT IS REQUESTED!

Please take a look at the outline for the book and then click here to take a survey concerning this product. YOUR INPUT is VALUABLE BEYOND WORDS to us.

We want this book to answer the questions that citizen journalists and prospective citizen journalists are asking. By taking the survey, you will help us know if we are on the right track, need a nudge in another direction or need to make some important changes before going to print.

Here are the chapter headings for the book as it is being developed:
1. The call to be a citizen journalist
2. Why be a journalist?
3. The similarities and differences between citizen journalists and professional journalists
4. The three categories of citizen journalists
5. Challenges of citizen journalists
6. Seven questions to determine if you have what it takes to be a successful citizen journalist
7. The skills you need to be a successful citizen journalist
   a. Journalism 101
   b. Feature writing
   c. Sports reporting and writing
   d. How to conduct an interview
   e. The importance of sourcing
   f. How to edit your own copy
   g. How to generate story ideas
   8. The values of a citizen journalist
   9. Your call to citizen journalism

We want your suggestions. We want to meet your needs as you consider this significant role for your life so please take our survey by CLICKING HERE!

Thank you!
Ron Ross

National Association of Citizen Journalists