Common CV Writing Mistakes

ARE you struggging to write a good CV?, If, you were in the past fretting about what to put in a CV, or, indeed, what you shouldn't put in a CV, then all your worries are over, and now, you really can write a good CV and scoop that job interview. BEAT THE COMPETITION With the jobs market as competitive as ever, and literally hundreds of people applying for the same job, making sure a CV stands out, looks good, and doesn't get dumped in the bin is crucial in this day and age. There are apparently 16 common mistakes people make when firing off a CV to a potential employer. Here's a taster... Some are 'no brainer' mistakes which you would think some people should not make. COMMON MISTAKES Some examples, are as follows: * Spelling and punctuation - If you can't spell journalism right on your CV, and this happened when I was setting up my food contributor site, and was looking for contributors, one wannabe journalist did indeed spell journalism, 'journolism - if you do that, then you really do have a problem. * - Lots of people make the mistake of not putting up a Key Achievements section in their CV. If you don't link your key achievements to the jobs you've done, then you won't get a look in. * - No Photographs - Yes, true, some people put up a mugshot! While there is legislation in place that prevents discrimination on grounds of race, colour, age, etc. People who put up a photo on their CV are inviting problems. While a photo maybe crucial if you're wanting to be a model, don't bother putting one up if you're going for a job in an office. However, it maybe useful to 'test the water' with a photo to guage results. For a FREE CV review, to get a second opinion of your CV from professionals, click the link below: