Creating Custom Poker Chips When The Event Must Be Unique

Poker players the world over enjoy good fun. The game is filled with risk takers and humorists. So buying custom poker chips to use at a special private or business event is a great way to carry on the traditions of the game in a unique way. These unexpected tokens can bring the personality of the event to a new level.

These poker accessories are ordered as you might greeting cards. You can create an order for a smaller amount or a larger one. The price per chip goes down as the order volume increases. But instead of the common you will end up with a nice set of chips to give as a gift at a themed event. Just plan to have a casino night and these will be a perfect addition.

If you have a favorite guy or gal that you would like honor, adding his or her photograph to the chip is a fun thing. A birthday celebration focused on a casino style theme could be brought into the realm of stylish by simply offering these great tokens to use. A gift of a nice set would make most players proud.

When you decide to have personalized chips created for a casino party, there really is no limit to what kind of picture can be added. Some companies will choose a corporate logo, while others will opt for an anniversary message or holiday greeting for their employees and guests. The nice thing is that these will be of casino level quality. The work is said to be permanent, too.

Checking out the ordering options online is the best way to find out which companies offer minimum order amounts and which do not. The per item fees are reasonable when offered. Many people decide to spend the extra money and buy a complete set for a favorite person. To do that costs about one hundred to two hundred dollars. It can be a very rewarding gift because colors and images are generally very appealing.

The turn around time for an order can be as little as two weeks or as much as four. This length varies widely by online business, so do check to see if your product will arrive in a timely manner. Some internet businesses offer rush service, which also varies quite a bit.

For the true poker lover, having a set made to commemorate a wedding could be considered a must. To satisfy the true fan, beautiful sets are available featuring the nicest photo of the wedding couple. These make very nice bachelor party gifts. It could be fun to tie in a casino night with the bachelor event, providing great entertainment and a nice present.

Adding a personal note or a corporate saying is a fun way to add a nice touch to a special party. Custom poker chips make nice gifts that are certainly unexpected. With so many designs possible, what might result is a true collector item for the true fans of card playing.

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