Dangerous dogs targeted by dawn raids

Bradley Ojugo  

Twenty dangerous dogs including illegal breeds were seized during an early morning raid in south London. The properties targeted were mainly on a Brixton council estate and homes of alleged gang members.

police believed that gang members used their dogs as weapons

The police believed that gang members used their dogs as weapons, just like guns or knives. Doesn't this tell you that maybe these dogs are just in the wrong hands? Irresponsible owners use their dogs to attack other people, and in some cases take part in illegal dog fighting.   Scientific studies show evidence that if an animal is nurtured in the right way it can be a safe, loving and obedient family pet and not a tool for cruelty and violence.

Kate Jeary, of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA), said: "We are running a campaign called Status Dogs which uses specially trained inspectors who visit homes and are empowered to remove dangerous dogs and take them to a place of safety if necessary."

No dog is born violent. Veterinary studies show that if a dog is raised by an aggressive owner the dog will be aggressive too. If I had a Yorkshire terrier which is known by the public as a safe dog and I raised it to be aggressive, it will be aggressive; and if I trained a Chihuahua to be aggressive, it will be aggressive.

In most cases dogs are judged by breed and not by how they were raised. A Rottweiler or a pit-bull terrier can be harmless if put in the right hands.   Dogs are pack animals and if abused and treated badly, will attack.   Scientific facts also state that if any type of dog is provoked it will bite in self- defence; it could be a Yorkshire terrier, Chihuahua, poodle and not just a pit bull terrier.

  Areas such as south London are being scrutinised by police and the RSPCA for using dogs as weapons simply based on what breed the dogs are rather than looking at the owner.   In any case dogs can be dangerous if not cared for properly.  

Facts show that Chihuahua's are fiercely loyal to their owners and they usually do not get along well with other breeds which makes them unsuitable with hyper children in the house hold. If nurtured well they can be very loving towards people of all ages.

Some people that own dogs are not ready to have one. This may lead to the dog to behave in an irrational way. An animal that is not familiar with a certain type of behaviour will feel scared and attack. For example, if a child pulls its tail, surprises a dog while its sleeping or even innocently kisses a dog, may make any dog attack. Any type of dog would be provoked by this behaviour and not just the fighting dog breed.